Other Faculty Duties

Faculty members are expected to schedule and attend at least five (5) office hours per week (See, University Policy Register). The office hours shall be posted and communicated to the School office as well as to the Faculty member's students. If a student, for a legitimate reason or reasons, is unable to meet during the Faculty member's scheduled office hours, the Faculty member shall make appointments to meet with the student at an alternate time. Part-time and adjunct Faculty are expected to be available to students at arranged times as needed.

The university maintains a system enabling students and Faculty to communicate via E-mail using @kent.edu e-addresses and a server-system hosted by the university. It is expected that Faculty will use this system to maintain communication with students, advisees and other constituencies.

In order to assist in student advising, Faculty members should maintain current knowledge of University, College, and School programs and requirements.

Faculty members are expected to participate in recruitment programs, graduation ceremonies and other activities that are appropriate to their role as a Faculty member in the School.