Rating Scale for Determining Faculty Excellence Awards

The rating scale used for FEAs is: Not Meritorious; Meritorious; and Outstanding

Meritorious. Each FAC member will rate the applicant's file in the appropriate category on a 7-point scale. Ratings at the low of the scale will be associated with work that may meet expectations in a category but is not considered as having reached a meritorious level. Ratings in the middle of the scale will be associated with work that is considered to have reached a meritorious level. Ratings at the high end of the scale will be associated with work that is considered to have greatly exceeded expectations in a category and would be considered as being outstanding meritorious. The School's Special Assistant will assign a code to each file and prepare a randomized anonymous matrix of average rankings for candidates applying for merit in each category. In determining the average rankings for each applicant, the highest and lowest ranking will not be considered. Clusters within the distribution of rankings will be unanimously agreed upon by the FAC.  The same dollar allocation will be made to members of the Faculty within each cluster. Each Faculty member in the outstanding meritorious category will receive 2 units of the total allocation. Faculty members rated as being in the meritorious level would receive 1 unit of the total allocation. The FAC will make recommendations regarding allocations to the School Director who will then make final decisions related to these allocations. The School Director will assign dollar amounts to each successful applicant when preparing the School's recommendations for FEAs to the Dean.


Faculty will be notified in writing by the School Director of the preliminary determination of her or his FEA. Prior to forwarding a final determination as to Faculty FEAs, a Faculty member may make a request for reconsideration in writing to the FAC. The FAC will review any requests for reconsideration and make a final recommendation to the School Director.