Cancellation of Class

All instructors should meet with their classes on a regular basis. However, anticipated and unanticipated circumstances sometimes occur that necessitate the cancellation of a class. Such cancellation should be viewed as an undesirable alternative to other courses of action that would allow the class to meet (e.g., another instructor covering the class). If a class meeting cannot be arranged and it is necessary for it to be cancelled, the following actions should be taken:
1. Anticipated Absences
     Anticipated absences might result from attendance at the meeting of a professional organization or scholarly presentation at a conference.  In instances when a class must be cancelled, an Authorization of Absence Form must be submitted to (and approved by) the School Director at least five working days prior to the anticipated absence. The reason for the absence should be clearly stated on this form, as well as information as to how the class will be covered.

2.  Unanticipated Absence
     In rare instances, an unanticipated absence occurs, the result of a personal medical condition, illness or death of a family member, or some other emergency. When provision cannot be made for the class to be covered by another instructor, direct communication about the unanticipated absence should be provided to the School Director or designated representative (e.g., Administrative Assistant). When direct communication with the Director prior to an unanticipated absence is not possible, the faculty member shall submit a written rationale within 10 working days following the absence. When such an absence does occur and (following notification from the faculty member) a class needs to be cancelled, School staff will make every attempt to contact students in the class prior to the time it meets, as well as post a notice on the classroom door indicating that the class has been cancelled.