The Curriculum Committee

a: Purpose: The Curriculum Committee assists the Director in supervising and coordinating the School’s academic programs. The Curriculum Committee makes recommendations on all matters that affect the academic programs of the School, including but not limited to:

  • Review and recommendation of proposals to establish, inactivate and revise courses, degrees, programs, concentrations, majors and sub majors, emphases and options
  • Review and recommendation of proposed course changes to course titles, course descriptions, prerequisites, grading specifications, credits, and content
  • Review and recommendation of workshop proposals

b: Membership: The Curriculum Committee shall be composed of one (1) full-time faculty member from each program area (ADED, CTTE, ECED, Literacy, MCED, and PEP). Nominations and elections will be held in the same manner as the FAC. Terms, however, are for two (2) years with half of the membership being elected each year. All committee members have voting privileges. The Curriculum Committee shall elect three (3) members to serve on the College Curriculum Committee. Those elected to CCC will serve the corresponding terms.

The committee Chair—based on need, as established by the committee or by the receipt of proposals for consideration—schedules Curriculum Committee meetings, sharing those dates with the Director and the faculty. Proposals are to conform to the format and include all requested data specified in the latest edition of the “Guidelines for the Preparation of Curricular Proposals” issued by the Office of the Provost.