Full Performance Reviews

The Full Performance Reviews of NTT faculty members who are in their third or sixth year of consecutive employment are governed by the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Each academic year, guidelines for the Full Performance Reviews for NTT faculty are distributed by the Office of the Provost. The Full Performance Review concludes with the College’s level of review and determination.  The period of performance to be reviewed is the three (3) full academic years of consecutive appointments including that portion of the third appointment which is subject to evaluation and assessment at the time of the review.  Each NTT candidate who must complete a Full Performance Review will submit a dossier as described in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The file should contain:

  • An updated curriculum vita
  • A statement, five pages or fewer, which contextualizes teaching responsibilities and other professional activities
  • A teaching evaluation by a tenured faculty member, at least one per year. To emphasize, it is the responsibility of NTT faculty to invite a tenured faculty member.
  • Syllabi for each course taught; the most current syllabus for each course is fine
  • A summary chart of teaching scores which includes every course taught, grouped by semester; sections of the same class are not to be combined. Summary Question 19, “Overall, how would you rate your learning experience in this course?” (or its current equivalent) is to be used, including both numbers of students and the percentage within each category, as well as both the individual mean and college mean* (not included here because this is a fabricated example and so there is no way to know that this might be). For example:

Name of course


Very Good






Fall 2008 MCED 40005

Teaching Reading with Phonics

N = 20



8 / 40%



6 / 30%



4 / 20%



2 / 10%





4.0 / _*_

Spring 2009

MCED 50007

Teaching Reading with Literature

N= 20



12 / 60%



6 / 30%



2 / 10% 








4.5 / _*_


20 / 50%

12 / 30%

6 / 15%

2 / 5%



4.25 / _*_

  • Evaluation of teaching performance which includes all student comments from each SSI— typed summaries of each question by each course, which are placed after each two-page SSI summary; individual SSIs are not to be included.
  • Documentation of other aspects of best practice in teaching, such as action research projects, sustained collaboration, peer planning, and descriptive reviews of student work may be included.
  • Documentation of other responsibilities, such as program coordination or field coordination which replaces teaching responsibilities, if applicable.

Additional information about the dossier for a Full Performance Review is included in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.