Program Coordinators

The Director appoints Program Coordinators after consultation with the program faculty. While the appointment is for the academic year, it is also expected that the Program Coordinator is available for eight weeks of the summer, for additional compensation. The initial term of service is for two years, at which time consideration shall be given to continuous service or rotation to a newly appointed Program Coordinator. Newly appointed coordinators should seek and expect to receive mentorship during their initial semester of service by the previous coordinator, as well as the Director. Service by Program Coordinators may be terminated if deemed necessary by the Director. The duties and responsibilities of Program Coordinators, who generally may be assigned the workload equivalent of one (1) three (3) credit hour course by the Director, with the approval of the Dean, shall include but are not limited to the following:

  • Convene program faculty regularly to discuss important curricular issues, to evaluate the program, and to make program plans relative to academic and student affairs
  • Prepare accreditation reports and program quality assessments
  • Coordinate the schedule of classes to be submitted to the school director for approval, with appropriate faculty consultation
  • Inform faculty of opportunities for summer teaching
  • Advise and counsel students
  • Serve as liaison to program advisors in the various Colleges and Schools
  • Determine the appropriateness for approval of course substitutions, and transfer or transient credit
  • Consult faculty regarding individual investigations
  • Oversee and coordinate reviews for admission into graduate programs
  • Initiate and coordinate program-related curricular revisions
  • Recruit and develop part-time faculty
  • Serve a leadership role within partnership schools and agencies
  • Oversee program efforts related to the recruitment and retention of students
  • In partnership with Director, manage enrollment within courses
  • Assist with scheduling decisions, both short and long term
  • Implement the current policies of the School and the College