Promotion Considerations for Regional Faculty

Regional Faculty standing for promotion to Associate Professor should use the criteria for promotion for Kent campus faculty as a basis for creating a scholarly agenda.  As with reappointment and tenure, while the expectations of quality remain the same, given the emphasis on teaching and service on the regional campuses, the same quantity is not expected.

For Promotion to Professor, once more, the School’s expectations of regional campus faculty standing for Professor, while generally the same in terms of quality, would not be as extensive in terms of quantity.  A Professor at the regional campus would have a sustained record of strong teaching, as evidenced by “Very Good” to “Excellent” scores for Question 19 (or its current equivalent) on the SSI; consistent service across a variety of committees/projects/initiatives across the regional campus and which has grown since the awarding of tenure, along with some professional leadership roles within the Faculty member’s discipline—with again, an increase in responsibility and influence since promotion to Associate; and scholarship which supports disciplinary impact as evidenced by the Faculty member’s contextual statement, and documented by both status of publications and external review letters.