Recruiting Faculty

The School supports the goals of equal opportunity and affirmative action in recruiting and in making appointments to the Faculty.   Search Committees are appointed by the Director, after consultation with the FAC and the Dean, and Faculty members in the specific area or discipline conduct the search for candidates.  Search committees include a student member selected by the faculty members serving on the search committee.  Following the search, the search committee recommends to the Director that at least two (2) and generally not more than three (3) candidates be invited to campus for an interview.  Each candidate who is invited to campus for an interview will present a seminar, to which all School members are invited, and may be asked to provide a teaching demonstration as well.  After receiving all input from the interview process, the committee will confirm or deny the acceptability of candidates and provide a critique of positive and challenging aspects of those individuals found acceptable. The Search Committee then makes its recommendation(s) to the School Director who formulates his/her own recommendation and forwards both the search committee’s and Director’s recommendations to the Dean for final action.