Teaching Assignments, Class Schedules and Additional Assignments

Faculty members are assigned to teach specific courses by the Director. The primary considerations for course assignments are prior teaching experience, subject expertise, and shared responsibility among the Faculty for service and introductory courses.  Questions regarding teaching assignments should be addressed first to the Program Coordinator and then to the Director, if necessary. In the case of a dispute or request for reassignment, the Faculty member may request review by the FAC, which will make a recommendation to the Director.

Scheduling of classes is the responsibility of the Program Coordinator with approval of the Director.  The primary consideration for scheduling classes is student need, with regard to meeting program or major requirements within a reasonable time frame. In addition, the scheduling of some classes may be determined by the need to serve nontraditional students. Workshops are designed to meet the current needs of target populations. They are organized and conducted in cooperation with and in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Office of Continuing and Distance Education, and the Office of Professional Development in the College. Program coordinators should also be consulted about such additional assignments. For any course that is offered for graduate credit, including workshops, the instructor of record must have (or qualify for) graduate faculty status (which may be held on a temporary basis).