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Meditation Across Campus

Curious about what meditation is and how it might be able to help you? Are you feeling stressed out from all the recent adjustments you’ve had to make this semester? Is news about the coronavirus pandemic leaving you anxious? 

Kent State of Well-being is offering Meditation Across Campus, an opportunity to join in with other members of the Kent State community for free, virtual, facilitated meditation sessions with weekly drop-in times available. Studies have shown that meditation helps to reduce stress and anxiety, can help to alleviate depression, improves cognition and reduces distractions, among several other benefits. Kent State of Well-being, Kent State University’s healthy campus initiative, is hosting free facilitated online meditation sessions that last for 30 minutes and are open to all members of the Kent State community. There is no obligation to attend. You can choose when you decide to participate.

Current Offerings

  • Thursdays, Jan. 27 - Apr. 28 from 4:30 - 5 p.m. (virtual) 

    • No class on Mar. 31

Register Online

For additional information and resources to help you cope during the pandemic, visit www.kent.edu/KSoW/news/coronavirus-resources

Meditation Resources:

Discover how to incorporate mindfulness skills and meditation into your life to better manage stress during a free, four-week, 75-minute Koru Mindfulness class at Kent State University. Get more information at www.kent.edu/KSoW/meditation/koru.

Need More Information?

If you have questions, comments or concerns, or you would like to facilitate a session for your department, email Meghan Factor-Page, Assistant Director, Kent State of Well-being, at mfactor@kent.edu.

What Can You Expect?

Never participated in a meditation session? Here’s what you can expect when you drop in for a 30-minute campus meditation session:

  • A brief overview of the practice;
  • What to expect from the session;
  • Some helpful ideas for getting the most out of the practice;
  • Followed by a body scan for creating comfort;
  • A brief breathing exercise;
  • Short, guided meditation;
  • Ending with silent meditation.

As the allotted time draws to a close, the facilitator will be available to close the practice and answer any questions. It’s designed to be simple, straightforward and accessible.

Here are some things to consider when meditating:

  • Try to be on time, but if you can’t, please come entering the space quietly, get comfortable and settle in. Likewise, if you need to leave early, please exit the room quietly.
  • All the locations will have chairs, but feel free to sit or lie on the floor if that feels better for you.
  • Bring a friend(s), but please be silent during the meditation, silence your phone, or better yet, shut it off.
  • Drop expectations at the door, just commit to being present and watch what arises – it is the consistent practice that brings the optimal benefit.
  • Feel free to drop in at any date, time and location that works for you – the more you practice, the more you will experience the benefits in your life.

Additional Resources

Download the app CALM, an excellent resource and tool to help maintain and grow your personal commitment to your meditation practice, at www.calm.com.

Watch a short, guided mindfulness meditation video:

Meditation Video


Learn More About Meditation

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program is practical, inspiring and transformative for those wanting to reduce job, family or health-related stress, including serious conditions. Get more information at www.kent.edu/KSoW/meditation/mbsr.