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The Seeds of Wellness Program

Kent State of Well-being is pleased to offer the Seeds of Wellness Program! Seeds of Wellness is a mini-grant program that provides investment for initiatives that reflect Kent State’s investment in health and wellness across the university system. A limited number of mini-grants, up to $1,000, will be awarded to fund initiatives that focus on any of the following priority areas:

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Use
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Preventive Care
  • Safety
  • Sexual Health
  • Smoking and Tobacco Use

Please note: Seeds of Wellness mini-grants are currently unavailable. 

Please be aware that Seeds of Wellness grants cannot be used to fund or participate in any way with projects that have a research component or that collect data that might be used in a research capacity. The Seeds of Wellness grants, sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, are for engagement and education only.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Kim Rufra, Associate Dean of Students, Recreation & Wellness Services at krufra@kent.edu.

Who is Eligible?

All registered Kent State University student organizations, academic and university departments, and teams endorsed by a faculty or staff member (i.e. faculty or staff member must serve as project lead). Special consideration is given to collaborative proposals engaging individuals across the University community.

Use of Funds
  1. Individuals will discuss their budget with us, get the budgets cleared, and provide us with the department/index number with which they are affiliated
  2. If you find that you need to make changes to your budget prior to reimbursement, you will need to resubmit that budget in detail for review and approval. If the amount of the invoice is more than the budget submitted we will only pay to the amount budgeted. If your receipt(s)/invoice(s) come in less than budgeted then we will pay the invoice amount. If you submitted an invoice for an item not approved in the budget, it will not be reimbursed.
  3. Individuals will run their programs
  4. Individuals will complete our evaluative report
  5. After these steps, individuals will provide us with copies of receipts/invoices which correspond with the approved budget.
  6. Once all requirements are met, we will reimburse the designated department index directly. We reimburse the appropriate departments up to $1,000 for the invoices/receipts pertaining to the function of the program

Funds MAY be used for supplies, educational materials, and food (if educational in nature). Funds MAY NOT be used for wages, salaries, food (for entertainment or incentive purposes), conference attendance, travel, speaker reimbursement, or academic funding (i.e. tuition, thesis or dissertation expenses).

Making exceptions to this process is strictly limited because we must be fair and equitable to all the approved grantees.

Workshop Opportunities

Workshops will be offered, at various Kent State campuses, throughout the semester for individuals to learn more about the Seeds of Wellness Program. Topics at the workshops will include, but are not limited to, purpose of Seeds of Wellness Program, eligibility for funding, etc.

How to Apply

Seeds of Wellness grants are currently unavailable. 

Application is available online at https://kent.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_b16eZXuRSrdwKuF

Key considerations when applying:

  • Provide a description of learning outcomes related to the impact of your proposed program.
  • Please designate a student lead to ensure student participation in the execution of the program.
  • Describe the process for data collection pre/post program implementation.
  • Outline how your proposed project emphasizes programming and activities that impact health.
  • Provide an itemized budget with clear demarcations of the expenses for your proposal.
  • Please note that you will need to pay for expenses related to your project upfront, and provide all receipts to Kent State of Wellness. Kent State of Wellness will reimburse funds using your KSU departmental/college index number.
  • Proposals should demonstrate impact across all populations within Kent State University. However, if a proposal is focused on a specific population at KSU, please explicitly indicate the need in this population.
Application Deadline

Seeds of Wellness minigrants are currently unavailable. 

When the program resumes, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted.

Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Awardees

Creative Arts & Mindfulness Wellness Fair (Kent State Ashtabula)

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Johanna Slivinske
  • Student Lead: Kyle Kocjancic
  • Additional Members: Carol Jones, Mary Collins, Theresa Hootman, Dr. Tamra Courey, Teresa Bates, Daryl Upole and Gail Castrilla

DeWeese Health Center Wellness & Relaxation Room

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Danielle Romig
  • Student Lead: Candace Williams
  • Additional Members: Julie Volcheck, UHS Wellness Committe: Holly Allison, Christie Moore, Amy Neely, Julia Delamater, Pam Wind and Angela Chiarappa

Go Green for Mental Health

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Deric Kenne
  • Student Lead: Kayla Marker

Meditation Room at Kent State East Liverpool

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Brenda McIntosh
  • Student Lead: USG, Andrew Jackson
  • Additional Member: Kathy Swoboda

Mental Health & Wellness Center (Kent State Geauga)

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Rae Ann Byers
  • Student Lead: Magaly Rios
  • Additional Members: Jim Oneill, Aleksandra Benina, Marissa Siegert, Sarah Brugmann, Alyssa Wentz 

Mental Health & Wellness Center (Twinsburg Academic Center)

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Sue Mark-Sracic
  • Student Lead: Sarah Brugmann
  • Additional Members: Laurel Grau, Jim Oneill , Aleksandra Benina, Marissa Siegert, Sarah Brugmann, Magaly Rios and Alyssa Wentz 

Standing Desks at College of Podiatric Medicine

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Donna Perzeski
  • Student Lead: Brooke Fairman
  • Additional Members: CPM Wellness Committee: Carla Ronnebaum, Lorie Evans, Evans, Madalynne Stanic, Bilal Louzati, Stephanie Raynor, Dan Kubala and Theresa Novak

Volleyball Skills & Get Fit Clinic (Kent State Ashtabula)

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Ann Abraham
  • Student Lead: Michelle Spencer
  • Additional Member: Dr. Bradley Keefer
Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Awardees


  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Kim Laurene
  • Student Lead: Nina Schubert
  • Additional Members: Lauren Hire, Taylor Smith and Kendall Hall

Counseling Services Outreach and Programming Projects (Kent State Stark; Fall 2018)

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Kelsey Kalgreen
  • Student Lead: Lainey Ward
  • Additional Member: Emily Ribnik

Counseling Services Student Engagement and Outreach Programming (Kent State Stark; Spring 2019)

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Kelsey Kalgreen
  • Student Lead: Sylvia (Lainey) Ward
  • Additional Member: Emily Ribnik

CPR Training

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Colleen Novak
  • Student Lead: Brianna Sharp
  • Additional Members: Chase Steele, Kyle Simqu, Jessica Jubec Brittany Ring, Suzy Hale, Ashley Onabiyi, Colin Beard, Elizabeth May, Josh Saegesser and Tyler Rose

disHubility for All

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Lisa Audet
  • Student Lead: Natasha Gaj
  • Additional Members: Gina Campana, Tony Snyder, Jennifer Feldman and Alyx Weaver

Don’t Take the Bait: E-cigarette and Vaping Awareness Week

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Kim Laurene
  • Student Lead: Emily Nelson
  • Additional Member: Deric Kenne. Ph.D.

Light Therapy Lamps (All Regional Campuses)

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Emily Ribnik
  • Student Lead: Lainey Ward
  • Additional Members: Members of Campus Mental Health Coalition

Nutrition Counseling Telehealth & Awareness Initiative

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Natalie Caine-Bish
  • Student Lead: Kendall Yuhas
  • Additional Members: Alex Nibling, Samantha Banks, Tori Thurman, Dr. Eric Jefferis

Stair Climbing for Stress Relief (Kent State Ashtabula)

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Teresa Bates
  • Student Lead: Jake Haskell
  • Additional Members: Mary Collins, Kristy Call, Theresa Hootman, Johanna Slivinske

Stress Less Event (Kent State Salem)

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Meagan Richards
  • Student Lead: Samantha Finn
  • Additional Member: Kelly Dragomir

Taste of Diversity

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Amy Sato
  • Student Lead: Jeanette Iskander
  • Additional Members: Kayla Morehead, Nola Daley, Lisa Manderino, Delilah Ellzey, Elizabeth Jean, Tien Hong Stanley, Aimee Hammer, Carli Obeldobel and Nicolle Simonovic

The S Word; Let's Talk Suicide (Kent State Tuscarawas)

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Laurie Donley
  • Student Lead: Bobbie Boem
  • Additional Members: Marcia Trouts, Erika Roberts and Katie Hanslik

Wellness Fair (Kent State Ashtabula)

  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Johanna Slivinske
  • Student Lead: Eli Kalil
  • Additional Members: Carol Jones, Mary Collins, Theresa Hootman, Tamra Courey, Teresa Bates and Gail Castrilla
Spring 2018 Awardees
Biking and Study Improves Life (BASIL)
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Ken Ditlevson
  • Student Lead: Martin "Brien" Thompson
CPR Certification Training
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Colleen Novak
  • Student Lead: Mariah Gray
Eco-friendly Menstrual Activism
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Cassie Pegg-Kirby
  • Student Lead: Nina Darden
Feeding the 500
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Julie Mazzei
  • Student Lead: Erin Shattuck
Food Insecurity Garden
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Natalie Caine-Bish
  • Student Leads: Gabrielle Monk and Jacquelyn Oddo
Healthy Eating Workshop
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Talea Drummer-Ferrell
  • Student Lead: Anthony Magee
KSU Heart Climb 2018
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Melissa Zullo
  • Student Lead: Lorriane Odhiambo
Relaxation Room (Ashtabula)
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Teresa Bates
  • Student Lead: Valerie Gonzalez
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Ashley Holt
  • Student Lead: Holly Bandy
Talk On
  • Faculty/Staff Leads: Dr. Deric Kenne and Dr. Kim Laurene
  • Student Lead: Jessica Mulvany
Fall 2017 Awardees
Canning 101
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Natalie Caine-Bish
  • Student Leads: Edmund Klicman and Sarah Korzan
CPR Certification Training
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Colleen Novak
  • Student Lead: Mariah Gray
  • Additional Members: Chase Steele, Elizabetta Deblasio, Kyle Simqu, Kara Shaver, Kaitlyn Martin, Brianna Sharp, Jessica Jubec, and Brittany Ring
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Lisa Audet
  • Student Lead: Carly Nelson
  • Additional Members: Alyx Weaver, Alyssa Gage and Didi Blais
Get Fit Friday
  • Faculty/Staff Leader: Peter Jeffy
  • Student Lead: Jakim Harvey
Healthy Eating on a Budget
  • Faculty/Staff Leader: Dr. Natalie Cane-Bish
  • Student Lead: Monica Werken
Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week
  • Faculty/Staff Leads: Amanda (Paulus) Woodyard and Lisa Morde
  • Student Lead: Amanda Bevington
Nursing Self-Care Fair
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Tracy Motter
  • Student Lead: Jessica Paul
  • Additional Members: Carl Horton, Makayla Davis, Allison Tapocsi, Ashley Yurkovich, Kayshawn Wade, Tiffany Croff, and Erica Noble
Relaxation Station
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Christian Hightower
  • Student Lead: Amanda Bevington
Step Your Way Up
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Dr. Melissa Zullo
  • Student Lead: Lorraine Odhiambo
  • Faculty/Staff Leads: Cassie Pegg-Kirby and Alicia Robinson
  • Student Lead: Summer Wigley
Time to THRIVE
  • Faculty/Staff Lead: Ashley Holt
  • Additional Members: Dr. John Schell and Holly Bandy