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The Kent State University Drumline is quickly becoming one of the premiere and sought-after performing ensembles in northeast Ohio.

pre-audition clinic

There will be a pre-audition clinic to help prepare potential members for their final audition. Audition clinics will be Saturday, May 12, 2018, from 9 am. -5 p.m. 


The Drumline live audition will take place on Saturday, June 9, 2018, from 9 a.m. -5 p.m.

VIDEO PLAYING AUDITION (In-Person auditions preferred)

Students interested in Drumline are encouraged to audition on-campus and in person. However, if you need to do a video audition, please contact the Bands Office to make arrangements before the June 9, 2018 due date. 

Excerpts and information for video auditions can be found below under the Drumline Warm-up and Exercises link (coming soon).

Please try to record this in a way that the metronome can be heard and with a camera that has a frame rate that doesn't lag. If you are unable to use a drum or set of drums, please use a practice pad while standing. You must mark time for all exercises. Excerpts do not need to be recorded in a single take and can be recorded individually, then edited together in a program like iMovie.  

Please see the 2018 PTC Guide or the Drumline Warm-up and Exercises link below for instructions for submission. 

If you have any questions, please contact drumline instructor Cameron Leach at cameron@cleachmusic.com or the Kent State Bands at bands@kent.edu.


Candidates who pass a successful audition will be invited to join the KSUMGF Drumline and must attend:

Full Band Mini-Camp July 21, 2018, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (KSU Center for the Performing Arts, E112)
Preseason Training Camp August 15-22, 2018  (KSU Center for the Performing Arts)

Audition Requirements

During audition sessions, potential members should expect concentrated work on both group and individual playing technique. This will be done in conjunction with the provided technique exercises and music. Individual and ensemble timing will be greatly emphasized as well. Prospective members should expect to be shifted between various sections of the Drumline depending on desire and experience. Weather permitting, there will likely be time spent outside tracking and moving with drums so please be prepared to carry instruments for a large portion of the clinic time. Throughout the three audition sessions, individuals will be evaluated and placed in the line based on the following criterion: 

  • Steady tempo (metronome, metronome, metronome, repeat) 

  • Accurate rhythms 

  • Correct stickings 

  • Technique/hand position (Snares – traditional grip) 

  • Consistent sound quality at various dynamic levels 

  • Well-defined accent tap heights (taps - 3”, and accents – 9-12”) (Full, Up, & Down Strokes) 

  • Diddles/double and triple beat articulation 

  • Overall control and consistency 

  • Movement and marching ability 

  • Ability to receive instruction and work independently 

  • Ability to work constructively with others 

  • Overall improvement and growth over the three audition sessions

requirements for snare drum/tenors

For those interested in playing snare drum or tenors, individuals must understand and execute the following:

  • Execute sixteenth note combination rhythms/timing patterns
  • Transition between triplet, sextuplet and sixteenth note based figures
  • Produce a consistent, full sound on their instrument
  • Have, at a minimum, a basic understanding of skills such as accent-tap, double beat and roll articulation
  • Must have control over sound quality at various dynamic levels
  • Must have the ability to aggressively mark time over any tempo or dynamic range (the mark time technique is in first position, lifting the whole foot off the ground articulately)
  • Those interested in snare should be prepared to play traditional grip

REQUIREMENTS FOR Bass drum/Cymbals

For those interested in playing bass drum or cymbals, individuals must understand and execute the following:

  • Have absolute understanding of sixteenth note combination rhythms/timing patterns
  • Easily mark time and/or march while playing these types of rhythmic figures at various tempi:
  1. Potential bass drummers should be familiar with accent tap and know how to utilize the full stroke, down stroke, and upstroke. They should also be able to produce a consistent tone.
  2. Potential cymbal players should know how to perform a standard marching crash, an orchestral crash, a crash-choke, a hi-hat and a fusion/slide-suck. Additional cymbal techniques to know include taps, zings, and sizzles. 

Helpful Information

Please visit the links below to access a list of audition requirements and exercises. Take some time to read the list of frequently asked questions regarding the MGF and contact us at bands@kent.edu if you have any other questions!

Drumline Warmups & Exercises (coming soon)  KSUMGF Drumline Technique Overview