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Undergraduate Staff (UGS)

Undergraduate staff 2017-2018



undergraduate staff

Amy Arslanian, Touch of Gold Section Coordinator/MGFitness Coordinator
Belle Banyai, Mellophone Section Coordinator
Laura Beth Benner, Colorguard Captain
Abby Clay, Archives Committee Coordinator
Faith Forinash, Celebrations & Events Assistant Coordinator
Michael Greene, Music & Visual Performance Coordinator
Jeff Henke, Saxophone Section Coordinator/Library Committee Coordinator
Ali Hoppe, Colorguard Assistant Coordinator
Stephen Imler, Clarinet Section Assistant Coordinator
Dan Kingsley, Trombone Section Coordinator/Alumni Relations Coordinator
Jennifer Luck, Flute-Piccolo Section Coordinator/Outreach & Recruitment Assistant Coordinator
Mitchell Meyers, Trumpet Section Assistant Coordinator
Anna Miller, Trumpet Section Coordinator/Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Olivia Orban, Sousaphone Section Coordinator/Instruments & Equipment Committee Assistant CoordinatoR
Carey Ousley, Clarinet Section Coordinator
Sarah Carter, Baritone Section Coordinator
Michaela Paxton, Drumline Assistant Section Coordinator
Rebecca Rigdon, Rehearsal & Performance Committee Coordinator
Michael Secora, TBA (Service)
Sierra Shood, Flute-Piccolo Section Assistant Coordinator/Celebrations & Events Coordinator
Emily Szabados,  Library Committee Assistant Coordinator
Matthew Szekely, Drumline Section Coordinator/Instruments & Equipment Coordinator
Brian Weisberg, Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator

UGS Handbook

Sectional and Practice Checklist

Music Assessment Form

Music Assessment Rubric