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Thank-A-Giver (TAG) Day will be held on 2nd floor of the Kent Student Center on the Kent campus from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. on April 18, 2018, which is the Wednesday of Philanthropy Week.

This is an opportunity to thank Kent State donors for their support in a visual and public way. The goal of TAG Day is not only to express gratitude to those who have given back to the university, but also to educate and raise awareness on campus of the many ways philanthropy impacts day-to-day life.

All are invited to attend this celebration, grab some free food (while it lasts) and participate in activities including signing giant thank you cards.

Signs in the shape of tags will be placed throughout campus as a representation of the tangible impact those who give of their time and treasure have on the university. 

We hope you are able to participate in these great activities, and see for yourself the tremendous, positive impact philanthropy has on the university, our campuses, our students, our region and our world.

If you are not able to make it to campus on April 18, join us virtually by clicking here and telling us why YOU give back to the university and/or about a time when you were impacted by philanthropy at Kent State. NOTE: We may use your story for future social media, web and additional marketing content.  

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Quotes of Gratitude

“Dr. Jerry Feezel and his wife truly cared about student and made an impact on my life. After all these years, now working for my alma mater, I am able to really appreciate their act of kindness.”
– Sonya Williams

“To foster the best, we must fund the best. That’s why I support my alma mater – so Kent State continues to graduate the very best professionals it can.”
– Dino Baskovic

“I have met so many students who have the talent, who have the passion, who understand the rigor it takes to make it, but they don’t have the funds they need to succeed. It is crucial to find a way to support our students financially.”
– Barbara Allegra Verlezza

“Were it not for scholarships, someone like myself, living so far away from home and loved ones, wouldn’t have been able to attend college as a full-time student, graduate in four years, conduct undergraduate research, study abroad, be a highly involved student leader, and maintain a 4.0 GPA.”
– Natalia Roman Alicea

“When donors support Kent State, what they’re really doing is giving students like me opportunities and experiences. I’m incredibly grateful.”
– Kyle Brooks