Proctored Testing Support

Proctorio Support

For assistance with Proctorio, please watch this video and check out the faculty quick start guide. For additional training, please open a support ticket.

Additional Help: 

Using Proctorio:

*Instructor Note: Use your email domain when opening guides. Guides for test-takers can be shared directly with students. 

Using Third Party Software:

Physical Testing Facilities

Distance learning faculty are encouraged to offer some on-campus testing sessions for their online courses to allow students who do not have the technology for Proctorio or who would rather take their exam in person to complete their exams with their faculty member. Physical testing facilities, such as those on a Kent State University regional campus or with a third party, are an option for faculty members as well; however, these facilities have limited capacity and options for students. Faculty are encouraged to host their own on-campus testing sessions or use the Proctorio service. Details regarding the physical testing facilities can be found on the Proctored Testing page for students.