Fast Facts for RTW

General Information

Who can participate in Run the World?
Do I have to run the race?
Can I bring my dog to the race?
I'm not a Kent State student, so how does my participation help?
Can I donate to your cause? Gaining intercultural skills is crucial to our students' future lives and jobs.

Run the World Scholarships

Who is eligible to win a scholarship?
Do I have to win the race to win a scholarship?
Will I have to meet any requirements to win a scholarship?
How do I win the $2,500?
I can't participate in the Race Series. Does that mean that I won't be eligible for any scholarships?
Do I have to use the scholarship right away?
Do I have to use the scholarship on a study abroad program? Can I just apply to it to next semester's tuition at Kent State?
Am I guaranteed a scholarship if I finish the race?