The Run The World team is proud to announce the inauguration of the VIRTUAL Run The World Race Series. 




Runners who sign up for a virtual race register online and simply choose their own starting line, whether it's a treadmill or a neighborhood street. They run or walk the race distance, upload their finishing time and a few days later are mailed a medal.

The Benefits

"There are many people who would love to participate in physical races but are unable to for one reason or another," says Mark Petrillo, founder of Virtual Strides, a small business that organizes virtual races and donates a large percentage of the proceeds to charitable causes. "With virtual races, you don't need to deal with traffic, parking, poor weather or unexpected schedule conflicts or injuries that might cause you to miss the race."

"It's also an easy way to practice race day nutrition and hydration," says Alex Anastasiadis, owner of Running on the Wall, an online shop that sells all things running. "Virtual races can be used to experiment with new training plans and methods to find out what works best for you on nutrition [and] hydration before and during the race, supplements, resting and waking time before the race, apparel and many other very important factors that can make you or break you on your big upcoming race," he says.

How It Works

Most virtual races work the same: participants sign up and pay the registration fee, complete the distance at any time between Oct. 15 and Nov. 15, and earn your medal from anywhere in the world.

After the virtual race, runners/walkers will post times online and are mailed a finisher's medal and T-shirt.

"For us, virtual racing is not a replacement, but an addition to the conventional race," Anastasiadis says. "Both should be a part of our training plans and training methods that we can use to become a better runner."

Many traditional road races are now adding virtual races as an alternative option. For example, Colorado's Prairie Dog Half Marathon allows runners to participate virtually. The Prague Marathon and the Falmouth Road Race in Massachusetts also offer virtual races in addition to the "live" race.

Register for Virtual Run the World 

This event of the Run the World project is designed to appeal to our American pride, featuring a patriotic theme and a Lady Liberty inspired medal! This event is LIVE and will allow participants to register through Nov. 15. On Nov. 15, we will have a FINISH LINE party at the Kent State University International Cook-Off where Virtual Race participants can come with their medals and T-shirts for a “photo finish” event and try tasty international cuisine! 


Registration for this event is NOW OPEN and is $30. Your participation packet includes a medal, T-shirt and virtual bib. In keeping to the core values of Run the World, current Kent State University students (domestic and/or international) will also be eligible to be randomly selected for a $1,000 scholarship to study abroad. For every 50 people that register, we will randomly select one student to receive a $1,000 scholarship!  



Register Here NOW!