SkyHack Design Challenge

Oct. 31, 2021
Aeronautics and Technology Building

Celebrate Burton D. Morgan Foundation and the College of Aeronautics and Engineering by participating in SkyHack, a Design Challenge.

Burton D. Morgan graduated in 1938 from Purdue with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a love for aviation. In 1967, he started Burton D. Morgan Foundation to support those with entrepreneurial aspirations. In October of 2017, the Foundation sponsored the first aviation-themed hackathon, SkyHack, at Kent State University in the College of Aeronautics and Engineering. Because of the success of the first event, they have graciously offered to sponsor a second SkyHack event.

College students 18 years of age or older from any university and any area of study are invited! The event will last from 5:00p.m. Friday, November 1, 2019 through Sunday, November 3, 2019 with the closing ceremony at beginning at noon. Five challenges related in some way to the aviation/aeronautics industry will be presented. Over the course of the weekend, students will establish interdisciplinary teams, innovate, produce prototypes and pitch their ideas to a panel of judges for a chance to win financial awards and other incentives. The Burton D. Morgan grand prize is $10,000. In addition, each challenge stream will have a $1,000 winner. The event will be held on Kent State University's campus in Kent, Ohio primarily in the Aeronautics and Technology Building (ATB).

The event is free to participants. Food will be provided.

SkyHack 2019 Promotional Video


Regarding SkyHack 2017 and 2019

Thank you to all sponsors, participants, mentors and volunteers! We couldn't have done it without you!

View final projects/winners  Press Release 2017

View final projects/winners  2019

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photo Aviation Hackathon old black and white Burt glider plane"At Purdue University in 1936-1938, I joined the Purdue Glider Club. We built our own gliders of wood, linen cloth, and airplane dope. The one we built that I remember the most was enclosed, that is, it had a body, although our heads were out in the open. These gliders were launched by means of a winch and a steel drum and one mile of single-strand steel cable. To launch the plane, the cable pulled it by winding the winch. We got up to about 1,500 feet in this way."

photo Aviation Hackathon old black and white Burt and model A"I also remember building the winch. We bought a used Model A Ford and used the chassis to mount the steel drum and the engine to power the drum with the standard gearshift and clutch arrangement. I can also remember that, to buy the Model A Ford, we negotiated with a used car dealer and got one for $25."