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Physical Therapy FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Physical Therapy:

How do I know if I need Physical Therapy?

Any student that feels he/she may need physical therapy should schedule an appointment with one of the physicians or nurse practitioners at University Health Services. The clinician will then complete an assessment of the problem that you have and decide if therapy is appropriate and necessary. By calling 330-672-2322, you can schedule an appointment with one of our clinicians.

How soon can I be seen?

We always try to accommodate the scheduling needs of our patients, especially those that need immediate care. Please let us know when calling if you have special scheduling needs. In most cases a time for an initial evaluation can be offered within 2 - 3 days. For an appointment call 330-672-2098 or 330-672-2322.

What should I expect?

After a thorough evaluation, our therapy staff prepares an individual treatment plan. The plan may include the following therapeutic modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound for symptom management, bracing or taping for joint protection, stretching and mobilization for range of motion, therapeutic exercise activities aimed at restoring function, and assistance with walking.

What should I wear?

Wearing loose fitting clothing will make it easier for the therapist to evaluate and treat you. Bring or wear shorts for leg problems (hip, knee, ankle, and foot). Sweatpants are appropriate for lower back problems. A t-shirt is preferable for neck, shoulder, and arm problems.

How long are the visits?

Most people plan on an initial visit of one hour. If multiple areas are being treated additional time may be needed. Subsequent visits, dictated by the specific plan outlined by the therapist, usually last 30 - 90 minutes.

Will therapy be painful?

Therapy sessions frequently involve manual techniques, such as stretching and joint mobilization. They are not intended to be painful, but some of these techniques may be uncomfortable. If you feel pain during or after your therapy session, please be sure to communicate that to your therapist.

What do I need to bring for my first appointment?

You must bring a prescription from your physician or nurse practitioner. The prescription should have orders for physical therapy evaluation, a treatment diagnosis, a physician/nurse practitioner signature, and a date within 30 days of the appointment. If you wish that your insurance be billed for services, please also bring your insurance card.

Is physical therapy a covered benefit through my insurance?

Our physical therapists are credentialed with most insurance plans. If you have questions or concerns regarding the billing or coverage our billing department can answer any general questions you may have. Specific questions should be directed to the customer service department of your specific plan. It is the patient's responsibility to contact the insurance company to see if pre-authorization is necessary, verify which facilities are covered under the insurance plan and obtain a referral from the physician or nurse practitioner.

If a student does not have insurance or their plan does not allow for the student to attend our facility as a covered benefit then, the student can be seen for the reduced student fee that is very affordable for most individuals.

University Health Services accepts and can bill most insurance plans.