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Smoking Cessation For Students


University Health Services-Office of Health Promotion Smoking Cessation Program is committed to ensuring a healthful Kent State University environment. By providing quality programs and services to students, the University Health Services-Office of Health Promotion Smoking Cessation Program aspires to assist individuals and groups in attaining goals for a high quality smoke free life.

Are you a Smoker?  Do you want to Quit Smoking?

Most smokers have, at some point, thought about quitting smoking. In fact many smokers think about quitting every time they light up a cigarette. There are many reasons smokers want to quit. Personal health is often at the top of the list, however, concerns regarding the health of family members because of second hand smoke also play a role in the desire to quit. There are factors such as how much money cigarettes cost today, not being able to smoke in public places any longer, and how the smell of smoke lingers on clothes, hair, and other personal items.

It doesn’t matter if one of these reasons applies to you or if they all do – we want to help you quit!

University Health Services - Office of Health Promotion is offering the American Lung Associations' Freedom From Smoking program FREE to Students at Kent State University. This is a comprehensive smoking cessation program that addresses individual needs and techniques for a successful and healthful life-style change.

To schedule for the program: please call Sierra Baker at 330-672-8265 or via email at


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