Student Involvement

Interested in getting involved in a health-related student organization at Kent State University? If so, contact one of the staff members in the Office of Health Promotion about the student organizations noted below.

BAM: Body Acceptance Movement


Scott Dotterer, Coordinator, Office of Health Promotion


The Body Acceptance Movement (BAM) is a student-run organization at Kent State University dedicated to educating, promoting, and supporting students on creating a lifestyle rich in body acceptance. 

BAM Goals:
- Guide students towards a lifestyle rich with body acceptance and wellness.
- Provide resources and support towards the growth and development of a healthy body image.
- Reduce the stigma that surrounds body image and self-esteem related issues.


Contact email:


If you would like to join this student organization or find out more about this group, please contact Scott Dotterer at 330-672-8266 or via email at