Center for the Visual Arts

ENHANCE | The technological "advancements" that have been implemented in the Van Deusen renovations are embarrassingly wasteful. 

Multiple rooms have lights that do not turn off. In some larger rooms this makes sense but in small rooms it's ridiculous and prohibitive of using projectors or taking photos with specific lighting requirements. It also seems very inefficient to have all the hallway lights of an entire floor tied to one circuit of switches. 

The automatic flushing toilets are ridiculous. There was nothing wrong with the old "American Standard". This new "smart toilet" flushes when you don't want it to and doesn't flush when you do. The manual flush was changed from a lever to a out-of-the way button that is difficult to activate. 

I've worked field-work on campus for the past 7 years and consistently see non-handicapped people pressing the automatic-door buttons to enter buildings. 

The continued effort to boost comfort on campus at the cost of unnecessary spending and wasting of energy is nurturing a culture of laziness and entitlement.