Cunningham Hall

ENHANCE | About 25% of Cunningham has been renovated but the majority of offices, teaching labs, and research labs are un-touched since the building was built in the 1960s. The renovations need to be completed to bring all teaching labs into the modern era.

-Benjamin Tipton


"Lauren Kinsman"

I second the request to complete the renovation of Cunningham Hall. The areas that were renovated are vastly improved, but the remainder of the building is still inadequate for teaching, research, and working.

"Katie Johnson"

I also support the request for the renovation to be extended to areas that were not addressed. Stairwell treads are cracked and uneven, subterranean entrance drains do not work and water bleeds into the building, existing floor drains in third floor facilities leak into offices/rooms below them. The new bathrooms, teaching spaces, entrance and hallway facelift are greatly appreciated and were desperately needed. However, the resulting contrast between new and old presents a fractured disjointed commitment to students, staff, and faculty. Visiting High School groups and touring prospective students/parents who are not aware of the high level of education offered by our committed department are left with a questioning impression of the quality education available by coming to Kent State University.