Softball field at Dix Stadium

Diamond at Dix

TRANSFORM | I know the athletic department had plans to build a new softball field adjacent to Schoonover Stadium and the new baseball/softball facility, so I hope those plans are followed through along with the other plans for the Dix Stadium complex. The softball field here is a nice facility, but is just in an odd location and appears so random in its placement (it seems it was meant as part of a larger plan to locate other athletic facilities there that never happened). In addition, it is too close to the road. Foul balls regularly land in the street or roll across it, so the team sends a player to retrieve them. It's actually somewhat remarkable that a car hasn't been hit by a ball yet or even a player given Summit Street's 45 mph speed limit in that area. Moving the field to the Allerton area as planned would not only eliminate the potential safety hazards, but would also allow the team to have locker room and training facilities right next to their field, just like the baseball team enjoys.

-Jon Ridinger