East Main Frontage

ENHANCE | This is for the area of East Main Street between S. Willow and S. Lincoln, including the current home of Starbucks (former Brady's Cafe), all of which is now owned by KSU. There is a ton of sentimental attachment to the current Starbucks site, which dates to the 1930s, and a lot of anxiety from locals and alums alike about the future of that building now that KSU owns it outright and after the demolition of two other houses previously in that area, along with the assumption that the current home of the Kent Health Department will be torn down once the new Kent City Hall is built. I hope plans include the preservation and usage of at least the original building (not necessarily the later addition that currently houses Campus Book & Supply) for something like a visitor center or other use. That entire row along East Main also has potential for mixed-use development that could aid in "blurring the line" between campus and town. While the new green space at the esplanade extension is nice, I hope the future plans for the frontage along East Main call for more than just grass or parking. This is prime real estate on Main Street adjacent to downtown.

-Jon Ridinger


"H. Weisel"

I am in agreement with Jon R.
The preservation of Brady's Cafe and an integrated transition between the University and the downtown community is, to me, an important point to consider. Rather than a definitive line of demarcation between KSU and downtown, I would prefer to see an integration, rather than a breaking point. It is important to keep our historic landmarks while at the same time, moving into the future with new landmarks. It is important to merge the past and the future, rather than plow over/under the past with the present. Please consider keeping Brady's Cafe and other historic landmarks as you expand.