East Main Street Corridor

ENHANCE | Th East Main Street corridor needs to be upgraded to improve the safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicle drivers. Pedestrian and bicycle prompted stop lights are my idea to improve safety, but I defer to your good wisdom to figure out an alternative solution.

-Benjamin Tipton


"Christine Hudak"

I cannot agree with Benjamin more. I enter campus this way every day after coming down from Cleveland to campus. Pedestrians and cyclists take their life in their hands. I would like to see to see bicycle lanes, (perhaps a squirrel crossing, grin) and safer ways for our students to cross the streets. They don't always watch or hear the cars, it needs to be safer for them.

"Joan Inderhees"

I agree with Christine and Benjamin, and add the Horning Rd / East Main St area as a safety hazard.
There isn't a sidewalk on the Newman Center and UCC properties, so pedestrian access is limited and risky. There isn't a sidewalk opposite the Newman Center on either Horning or the large campus parking lot (Jackson Dr.). The westbound traffic on Horning making the turn at the intersection of Horning and the drive to the Performing Arts building towards the East Main intersection has limited visibility of the road ahead, so cyclists and pedestrians are not safe there. Many students live and shop on East Main Street east of campus, so a complete sidewalk system would be a help to a significant portion of the Kent and KSU community.
A crosswalk on East Main St at the Acme plaza and Holly Park would be helpful, too.