Eco Village Kent

TRANSFORM | Building a mixed-use eco-village development in the old Allerton Apartment area could add immeasurably to the quality of learning, connection to the community, and distinctiveness of Kent State's contribution to the national and global conversations on climate change, economic development, and global security. The village would provide housing for a broad range of groups within the Kent State community, including creatives (artists, entrepreneurs, designers, visiting faculty), international students, older students, faculty & staff, and seniors, as well as commercial space for businesses and incubators, restaurants, and perhaps an organic grocery. Importantly, another building style is for 'communities of interest' for our students, where they can 'live what they learn'. For example, boutique dorms of 20-50 students, with each building focused on a central interest, such as music, photography, French, gourmet cooking, aviation, sustainability, and so forth, can take a deeper dive into their interest - speaking French & hosting French cultural events in their dorm; having sound rooms & a studio mixer for students in a music dorm, etc.

-David DuBois



This is a horrible idea. The housing market in Kent is already over satrurated with vacant bedrooms. Adding more will only continue to grow the glut of housing in Kent.

"Cathy DuBois"

This will be particularly impactful if it's constructed such that it can function net positive. The possibility of micro-housing is very cool. Definitely need to collect diverse groups of people for design charettes to determine the most viable components of the village. The description includes so many cool options!
This is really cutting edge for a university, and could truly differentiate being undeniably Kent State!