Esplanade extension

ENHANCE | The connection to downtown is a great start: I'd like to see more activities here (like the Creativity Fest) that enhance and take advantage of this space and its connection to the broader Kent community. Perhaps a more structured space would result in more use of this space. The walkway itself gets a lot of use, but the green spaces, less so. 


"Chris Willer"

This space is very underutilized across all four seasons here in Kent. I think there needs to be major efforts in creating more activities for students and residents alike here. Our suggestion I have that I think might bring more people towards downtown, especially in winter, is by creating an outdoor skating rink. I know Ann Arbor, MI has created a few outdoor ice skating rinks in some of their parks. Falls River Square in Cuyahoga Falls, OH also has a seasonal outdoor skating rink that gets people downtown.