Henderson Hall

ENHANCE | One of the premier programs on the Kent State campus needs an update.  With the growing enrollment of the nursing program and the county-wide nursing shortage, our students need the facilities to learn and practice the current medical practices.  America is seeing vast increases in the number of people over 65.  This age group has many medical and health needs that are attended to by nursing of all degrees.  Recent reforms in healthcare give millions of people access to the healthcare system.  More nurses and health professionals are needed in response.  Nursing burn-out is a result of stress and long-hours.  Other universities/schools in the area are more current with facilities than Kent State.  If we want continued high enrollment, we need to provide updated facilities and equipment.  

I would defer to nurses, local medical facilities, and our own architectural certificate students to help create the most effective use of space.   


"Barbara Broome"

We have outgrown our building. We use simulation and online testing and we are not able to keep up the technology because our building is not able to support it. We have offices were computers aren't working up to par because of a lack of energy (electricity voltage). We have an amazing and well respected program with a pass rate on the boards and certification well above the average. We supply 40% of the Ohio workforce and have a footprint in other states and countries. We want to continue that legacy and upgrading and expanding our space will be an important part of continuing the legacy of KSU CON!

"Cindy Wilk"

We have state-of-the-art mannequins and equipment, but we lack adequate space to implement the equipment as effectively as we should. We desperately need to add space to our building to be able to provide for an adequate simulation experience for our students including larger facilities allowing for adequate space for all students and a debriefing room for watching video replays of their simulation and discovering changes that could be made in their practice. We are grateful for the high fidelity mannequins that we have but we know we could provide more enhanced experiences for students if we had the space to allow for smaller groups of students to go through the simulations. We could provide a more individualized educational experiences for these emerging health care providers. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss our ideas and plans with the Master Planning Team and hope that our dreams can come to fruition.

"Patricia Vermeersch"

Two limiting factors to our growing research and doctoral programs are physical space and technology. We need more offices to grow our faculty, storage areas for data that meet various levels of security, space for our research assistants, and space for the conduct of research (e.g., focus groups, controlled environments for performing various tests, meeting rooms for research teams) We need state of the art technology for communications around the world with our international students and graduates that would allow more team efforts.

"Sarah Bixler"

The future of quality healthcare demands that nurses be well prepared to practice in complex environments. Additional and improved space for simulation and laboratory practice environments would allow additional collaboration with peers, and expert guidance and debriefing from faculty. Nurses prepared here at Kent State will enter into practice at some of the most state of the art facilities in Ohio, the nation, and the world. Providing instruction in state of the art, realistic, and modern facilities will aid their transition to real-world practice.
Self-care and burn out are common maladies of helping professions. Providing a dedicated space for (student and faculty) relaxation and reflection promotes stress reduction and well-being.
It would be an amazing opportunity to work with nursing students, faculty, alumni, local medical facilities, and architecture students to create the College of Nursing for the future.

"Pam Stephenson"

The issues with technology and physical space alluded to so far are foundational to so many of the challenges within the College of Nursing. I will let my simulation colleagues address the technology and space issues with simulation but want to emphasize that this is a huge problem which directly impacts our competitiveness with other nursing programs. What I would like to talk about, however, are two space-related issues. First, there are no places for nursing students to meet to study or socialize within Henderson Hall. This may seem trivial on the surface but most undergraduate students seek a sense of belonging; a place you can count on to run into friends and to study. Henderson Hall is supposed to be the nursing building – it is where the faculty and administration are housed; yet, nursing students seem to spend little time there since many undergraduate nursing courses are displaced to other buildings across campus. This is more than just inconvenient. Nursing is a culture and students miss out when they are not surrounded by classmates and faculty. I am concerned that this impacts their identity formation as a nurse. The second issue I would like to discuss is the lack of space for research. Despite the call to increase research productivity across the University, most faculty offices are small and cannot accommodate more than two or three people comfortably. Since we often bring students into our research meetings, we are forced to compete for access to one of four conference rooms which serve all college committees and projects. Classrooms are full and usually not a suitable alternative for research meetings. As a result we have had to take research meetings to our homes, which directly interferes with our ability to engage students in research. Compared with colleagues in other colleges and departments, the infrastructure for the level of research called for by the university does not currently exist for the College of Nursing. Thank you for the opportunity to share these concerns.

"Dana Hansen"

Thus far, my colleagues of stated our needs well. I would like to reinforce our need for space for our students, student and faculty meeting space, additions to the simulation lab and a space for our research meetings, space to easily conduct focus groups and continue to develop our research. Thank you.

"Elaine Thomas"

We need significant additional space in our building in many areas. Our simulation area needs to be enlarged to allow for the ability to implement state of the art simulation to our students. Simulation also needs the availability of debriefing rooms as well as rooms to view the simulation videos. The undergraduate skills lab needs enlarged to provide space for student learning. The current skills lab is too small. Additional faculty office space is needed. . Additional classroom space is needed as well as the technology to support computer online testing. The students would benefit from an area provided for them for study and socialization.Nursing is very intense and the benefit of socialization with other nursing students will facilitate student success.

"Onur Topuzlu"

Simulation is the admiral of our fleet here in the college as it is an active, safe and consistent way of teaching and learning. Luckily, we have some of the best simulation experts here in their fields. We have some of the rare simulation technologies that can be found in any institution, yet we lack the necessary space to provide the most effective environment for instruction. While faculty have done great job in getting most of with the space they've had so far, there is significant shortage in space for storage, debriefing, observation and testing. While we observe some electrical problems in the building, Henderson Hall even lacks sufficient numbers of electrical plugs per room.Some new residential settings have more plugs than our entire building, which makes it really difficult to set up contemporary technologies. All in all, it is necessary to modernize and expand our building to remain as a leader of our state in the field of Nursing. We will work hard in providing any assistance to persuading our leaders to support this effort.


I work in Henderson. The heating and cooling seem to almost always be working backward. It is often being worked on by facility maintenance with little improvement. The air blows like a frigid hurricane when its cold outside and the heat keeps us sweltering in the summer. The facility is outdated and too small, our students are sent all over campus for classes, while our classrooms are filled with students from other colleges. We have outgrown our building. Our building is outdated for technology retrofitting. An addition to increase our teaching space and reworking the HVAC is a primary need for this important college, which brings in a great amount of income to the university. While reworking the HVAC, the venting system needs to be cleaned. The ceilings are black around the air vents and many of us have allergies which activate when we walk into the building. The elevator is broken on a regular schedule. We probably spend more on repairs over time than a replacement would cost. Please consider more than a cosmetic improvement to Henderson! Thank you.