Hugh A. Glauser School of Music

ENHANCE | The school of music is very old and needs updating. There is not enough room for students to reach their full potential as musicians and to grow in their art form. Students are forced to use stairwells and sidewalks outside as practice rooms. 


" Kara MacDowell"

As a KSU alumnus ('03) and current member of Kent Chorus, I strongly agree with the other comments that more space and better quality space is greatly needed. The School of Music needs a concert hall. Ludwig is a recital hall and cannot support a performance with a large choir and orchestra. These large performances are relegated to Cartwright Hall, which is a lecture hall. While this seems like a nice venue for the audience, it is crowded and downright dangerous for the performers. There is very little space on stage, and no space backstage. Performers are regularly tripping over each other and over equipment while trying to take their places on stage. While offstage, the performers are forced to keep their instrument cases, coats, and other belongings, unsecured in the stairwells. It takes a full 10 minutes to get all the performers off stage after a concert, imagine if there was an emergency? Then imagine the emergency exit stairwells being crammed with instrument cases over which to trip? This is not only unprofessional, it's a liability for the school. KSU has a rich tradition of high quality musical performances, we need a concert hall to match our talents.