KSU Airport

TRANSFORM | The trailers used for the Flight Program at the KSU Airport are in major need of replacement.

-Benjamin Tipton


"Anne Brown"

The airport facility is in dire need of updates to match the quality of the Kent campus. It would be beneficial to retain the historic appearance of the maintenance hangar because it is somewhat of an icon, but it needs to be completely restored and the adjacent office building should be replaced. A classroom building should replace all of the trailers and the driveway and parking lot need to be reconstructed. Based on the results of the recent Airport Master Plan, it would be beneficial to solicit community input about the development of the property. Community engagement was identified as an area needing attention and this would be a good place to start.

"Elizabeth StapL"

During my time as a student in the School of Library & Information Science, my small group of students did a project on two-story library and design gallery that could be built at the airport. We came up with space plans that could still be used in a digital environment, converting space once used for books into teaching or lab space. This could be combined with experiential learning space for the new aerospace engineering program. As a community member, KSU graduate, and aviation hobbyist, I would love to see the University's flight school facilities upgraded.