May 4th Commons

ENHANCE | Several club sports currently use this field for practice and in its current state is very dangerous as there are dips in the grass, large rocks in the middle of field, and students sitting on the hill are in danger of being hit by stray lacrosse shots


"Chris Post"

If we can move club sports to another location, such as the one discussed (old track field), I would like to see the May 4th commons reserved as a true free speech zone, without the need to ask permission to hold a rally or protest. Though this location does not have the visibility it did then (with the development of the plaza and new green and its attractiveness for such activity), it would be a highly symbolic, and actionable, move out of respect of May 4th, its victims, and what that day means to the history of free speech on university campuses and in other public places.

"Jon Ridinger "

I would like to see dedicated intramural and club fields developed elsewhere as well (Allerton area seems like the best option) so the Commons can be just that: a common area used for general rest and recreation for anyone. The Commons have been a general gathering place for nearly 100 years now (was part of the original football field--Rockwell Field--from 1920-1940) on top of it now being part of the May 4 National Historic Landmark site.