front campus

Parking Lot R6

ENHANCE | It would be a good thing indeed, if we could consider adding a parking structure to Lot R6. With the number of activities in the Library and the new ones coming, the parking situation is becoming more and more difficult. It does not have to be a high structure 2 or 3 floors, but it would enhance the sanity of those of us who work in the library.

-Christine Hudak


" H. Weisel"

I completely agree! A parking deck either in this lot or across Summit from the Student Center is a great idea! Otherwise, there should be a limit on students parking on campus. There are cars that I see parked in the same place for weeks without moving. This is a huge waste of space on campus. (Including KSU vehicles like the 'donated all-electric truck parked by the LCI that has not moved in 4 years!) When I attended KSU in the 80s, Freshman had to park at the stadium and bus in. Is that program still in effect? If so, make it include Sophomores to improve traffic flow on campus. How about parking for faculty and staff at an off to the side lot with a shuttle that takes us to our cars and a nice walking path to the Esplanade from this lot? Or some bonus to f//s who bus in from home? We need to think outside the box for parking, and include more green options.