Student Recreation Fields II

TRANSFORM | Additional recreational/competitive green spaces are needed for club sports and intramural sports participants. We are an institution of 29,000 Kent Campus students and have two (2) multipurpose competitive lighted fields for Intramural & Club Sports use for soccer (IM & 2 competitive clubs), flag football (7v7, 4v4 IM); this leaves the following clubs: baseball, men's and women's lacrosse, men's and women's rugby, ultimate frisbee, and cricket all without a space for legitimate sized field practices and competitions. Most of those clubs rent space from intercollegiate athletics on an availability basis, others must rent off campus for practices and games/matches.
The current Student Recreation Fields are overused as it is with academic classes (flag football) and just the two Intramural Sports (flag football and outdoor soccer), but also with two competitive soccer clubs each practicing twice a week and competitions. 

Cricket is another program where we bring 1000's of international student to campus and do not have a space for them to host competitive matches. With the addition of a varsity women's lacrosse program in the fall of 2018, intercollegiate athletic facilities will become even more scarce for use for competitive matches for club lacrosse teams and club rugby teams.

This needs to be a priority for the university which boasts to want to be one of the healthiest campuses in the country but we do not provide facilities to support the activities that students want to participate in nor can we add additional programs/clubs because of the lack of facilities.

Thank you an please consider adding multiple competitive green spaces which are regulation sized so these students can be competitive in their conferences, tournaments, leagues, etc.

-Greg Bailey


"Jon Ridinger (not verified)"

I echo the statements about increasing intramural and club fields. The areas of the former Allerton apartments and the area immediately east of the rec center seem like obvious choices for new playing fields since they several are largely already leveled from serving as apartments and all those areas are close to the rec center (so they could be easily managed) and the existing Allerton softball fields. Further, they wouldn't need extensive clearing or further demolition since that has already happened. Add to that the current site of the outdoor track behind the Ice Arena. Even if the track remains, the field it surrounds could be upgraded for use by sports like flag football, soccer, and lacrosse.

"John Read (not verified)"

I am a permanent resident whose property borders the relatively new disk golf course. It has become very popular, not only with students, but with the greater Kent area community. I've been told by players that it is one of the best in Northeast Ohio and they only wish it were larger. I support enlarging it in the areas closest to the houses of Allerton. Avondale and Berkeley Streets. This would provide a natural, limited use buffer to any new development of this currently open area .I would completely agree with Mr. Bailey then, that the remainder should be dedicated for the recreational/competitive green spaces that are needed for club sports and intramural sports participants as he has suggested.

"Theodore Albrecht (not verified) "

* SCHOONOVER FIELD has become a major pest to those Kent residents living west of it. Many trees were cut down to make the field visible from Campus Center, allowing its LOUD SOUNDS to go directly west into the residential area. Booming voices from the public address speakers can be heard beyond Morris to the west, and up to the intersection of Morris and Allerton. THERE MUST BE SOME WAY OF SETTING MAXIMUM VOLUME (and no louder) ON THE SOUND EQUIPMENT AT SCHOONOVER (because there certainly isn't any vocal discipline from the announcers or those playing the music tapes).
****The lights of Schoonover field are elevated very high and are an unwanted intrusion into the residential area to the west. People using Schoonover often forget to turn the lights off and they blaze well into the night.
****The PARKING LOT east of Schoonover is also a problem, because (1) it acoustically reflects the booming speakers from Schoonover and propels their sound is more directions; (2) it is ugly and replaced an attractive natural field; the virtually 24-hour traffic (including industrial workers who arrive as early as 5:30 a.m.) is a distraction.
****CAMPUS CENTER DRIVE itself, near 261, has become a noisy nuisance with CONSTANT and LOUD traffic including heavy-duty industrial construction and hauling trucks. Similarly, the University cut down trees at the intersection of Campus Center and 261, increasing the visibility of traffic and street lights and sounds of industrial traffic and hot-rodders to the residents on Chadwick and Beryl.
****SUGGESTION: Move the intersection of Campus Center Drive ans State 261 500 feet east, so it comes nearer Schoonover. Plant the area between the residential area and Campus Center Drive with a forest of tall an fast-growing trees (especially evergreens) to help insulate te residential area from the unwelcome, but GROWING sights and sounds from the roads and athletic fields.
***Move ALL new ATHLETIC facilities to a less populated areas EAST of Campus proper.

"Mickey Erdos (not verified)"

As a Kent State Rugby Alumnus, it's disheartening to see that the club has been regulated to fields on campus that are not proper for the sport of rugby. They currently use the football practice field for games, but only when there are not home football games. Rugby is on of the fastest growing sports in America and the second biggest team sport in the world, behind soccer (football).

There are over 25 high school rugby programs in Northeast Ohio and many of those student athletes are choosing schools that offer programs that allow to continue in a sport they love. It would be great to recruit these toward a KSU program. At the point, Notre Dame College, Bowling Green, Miami University, Ohio University, Ball State, etc. have dedicated rugby facilities.

I'm in agreement with Greg, we need to find a place for these students to have fields that are properly built and maintained.

The KSU Rugby Team is coming up on it's 50 anniversary in 2018 and we would like to have a place to hold a reunion event, The alumni, of which there are over 400, are willing to assist in funding any project.


Mickey Erdos

"Joe kaleel (not verified)"

The Kent State rugby club should have a dedicated field for Rugby use only games and practices should not have to work around the schedule of the football team.

"john cimperman (not verified)"

I agree with Mr. Erdos. The sport of rugby is growing significantly in the United States. As the sport grows in popularity and participation, it would be important to have a field that is accessible to as many students as possible.

"Ed Caldwell (not verified)"

I agree with all the comments of my fellow rugby playing alumnus that KSU must provide a dedicated field for the men and women that play at Kent State. When discussing playing rugby on the collegiate level with high school seniors they are aware that KSU does not have a field on which to practice or play. Many other MAC Ohio schools have dedicated rugby only fields and are developing facilities alongside them. The game of rugby is played across the globe and it's popularity is indisputable. The sport of rugby develops strong character and a camaraderie that goes beyond teams to those whom have stepped on the pitch and share the bond of playing this great game.

"Tommy Krecic (not verified)"

Rugby is growing in popularity throughout high school in and around the greater Cleveland area. As a former Player/ Coach for Kent State I can tell you we played on less than par fields and had less to practice on. It would be an incentive for both the rugby program and the school to have designated fields for both games and practice.

"Dennis Kinsey (not verified) "

Great spot for men's and women's rugby field. I love my time at Kent. A big part of that positive experience was playing rugby.

"Colin Ginley (not verified)"

Rugby is a growing sport in high school and college. The Kent State Rugby club could utilize this area for dedicated practice fields and game day fields. These fields could also be utilized to grow the sport with the local high school rugby teams. The fields that club rugby teams use are a direct reflection on the university. It's important for player safety to have dedicated fields that can be cared for an attended to. If anyone would like to speak to me directly, please don't hesitate to reach me at my email.

Best regards,
Colin Ginley

"Nick Gallo (not verified) "

As a Kent alum, former Kent rugby player and current high school rugby coach I am asked by my players constantly about going to Kent State and playing rugby. Its getting more and more difficult to tell them it has a great rugby program when they don't have a dedicated rugby pitch.

"Kirk Kapusta (not verified)"

As a KSU Alumni it saddens me to see the that the club has no place to play. We have had numerous trips down to campus for Rugby Alumni events cancelled because of scheduling conflicts. This area, while not ideal for campus visibility would give the club a dedicated field and a place to call home. It would encourage high school rugby players to consider KSU, and enable the team to recruit new players from the students already enrolled. Rugby is a growing sport that combines teamwork, fitness, responsibility and respect and is a great way for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds to learn to work and play together, perfect for a college campus. KSU should follow the lead of other MAC schools like bowling green and ou and support the Rugby program with the same level of commitment it shows other organizations.

"Evaristo Rodrig... (not verified)"

As a KSU Alumni and a former Rubgy player there I feel the need for a dedicated Rugby field is in order. I feel it will attract the needed players to have Kent improve their club.

"Ryan McGuire (not verified)"

Hi I'm Ryan McGuire I am currently a member of kent state rugby and i agree that we need a rugby pitch on the kent state campus

"Jaxon Buike (not verified)"

My name is Jaxon Buike and this is my first year as a rugby player at Kent State. Being new to this team i think that for the up coming years it would be essential to the now fast growing team to have a rugby pitch here at Kent State.

"Justin Birch (not verified)"

Hello, my name is Justin Birch. I am a first year rugby player and sophemore at Kent State. I quite enjoy this sport and I would like if my school showed much more support to rugby and it's future players. This new field is essential for us to grow as diverse and well-renowned college.

"alan pippin (not verified)"

Hello, my name is Alan Pippin and I'm a freshman at KSU and i have some experience playing this sport before and it is a great sport for everyone to play. This is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation currently and i would love to see it grow here. Having a field at KSU would be beneficial for the team practices/games but also getting the word that KSU offers rugby.

"Andrew Vargo (not verified)"

I am Andrew Vargo and I am a sophomore here at Kent State. I have a leadership role on the Kent State Rugby team and I think it is crucial for a growing club, especially Rugby to have its own field. The field dimensions are bigger than a normal football field and the goal post are in front of the "touchdown area". Other club teams in Ohio also have there own field or fields dedicated for rugby. And with a growing club at Kent State, men's and women's rugby, I think a field would be the best idea to benefit the club at Kent and to promote rugby throughout the campus and grow the game throughout the USA.

"Kurt Ludwig (not verified)"

Hello, my name is Kurt Ludwig and I am a sophomore at KSU. I love rugby. It is one of my favorite sports. It is the only sport I know of that builds friendship among opposing teams. I believe that the University should build a new field for the rugby clubs at Kent State University. Rugby has been gaining more and more traction over the years and is becoming one of America's most played sports. In addition, the teams here at Kent State University are also very good. The Women's Rugby Club advanced very far in the conference a few years back and the Men's Club is an up and coming force in Ohio. By building a field dedicated to rugby, Kent State University could widen its appeal to upcoming freshman, transfer students, and many others.