Tennis Courts

ENHANCE | Kent State University has more than 40,000 students.  We spend millions on athletic facilities. Yet, Kent lacks a tennis team or a tennis facility.  A student-run tennis club has hundreds of members and practices 10 miles away in Streetsboro .  How great would it be to have six or eight tennis courts that could be used by students, faculty, staff and the community?   Plus, a tennis facility would allow Kent State to develop a men and woman's collegiate tennis team which would increase out undergraduate recruitment.

-Mark Cassell



Tennis is the best and longest way to stay active and with only 2 courts it is very hard to do so at Kent.

" Cameron Wiandt"

It is especially difficult/impossible to run practices for the KSU USTA Tennis on Campus club tennis team on two courts. As a result, we spend thousands of dollars of our own organization's earnings each semester just to practice at an indoor facility that has enough courts to fit all of our players. Turning the four courts by Prentice Hall and the lacrosse fields into a parking lot was one of the worst things our university has done. 6-8 courts would completely satisfy our team's needs, other students recreational needs, and the needs of possible men's and women's NCAA varsity teams (which could bring a multitude of positive results to Kent State). Tennis is extremely underrated and often taken for granted. It's time for Kent State to accommodate for all students and organizations. Don't leave us out.


Please build tennis courts :)