University Bookstore

ENHANCE | The bookstore could use expansion, either expanding at the current location or building a separate bookstore. Another option would be to separate the actual bookstore from the Kent State "team shop". The area of the bookstore that sells KSU paraphernalia is probably what draws the most people throughout the year (particularly community members and alumni) where the book section obviously gets its main traffic at the beginning and end of the semester.  The paraphernalia section is also fairly tight in terms of space, regardless of if its crowded or not. I know there are (were?) plans for a larger satellite team shop in the MAC Center, so that's a possibility for becoming the main "team shop" instead of the bookstore. Heck, depending on how the main library develops, there could potentially even be space there for a larger team shop. 

Adjacent to the bookstore, the sectioned off area in what used to be part of the lobby just looks out of place and shoddy. The student center in general needs more space. It was designed for a student body in 1972 of around 18,000, which is now roughly 30,000 on the main campus alone.

-Jon Ridinger