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AQIP Action Projects

What are Action Projects?

AQIP is committed to supporting colleges and universities in their efforts to continuously improve their performance. It requires participating institutions to commit to action and to work consciously to improve the activities and processes that currently produce unsatisfying results. AQIP views Action Projects as an important mechanism that institutions can use to improve performance. Therefore, institutions are urged to take on as many significant Action Projects as possible. AQIP requires institutions to share publicly at all times at least three current Action Projects. For more information, visit

Current Kent State University (KSU) Action Projects

The following attachments are current KSU Action Projects. The current projects include:

            Closing the Loop

            Assessing General Education

            Exploring Academic Data Management Systems

            Enhancing Assessment Communication

Summary Table of Past and Current KSU Action Projects

The following attachment contains a summary table of completed and active KSU Action Projects from the 2006-2007 academic year (AY) to present. The table includes each Action Project's goal and outcomes accomplished, as well as the dates that the projects were reviewed by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The Action Projects presented in the table include efforts to improve undergraduate research opportunities and to expand the mission and scope of the Office of Experiential Education and Civic Engagement (OEECE), as well as projects related to other areas, including assessment of the Kent Core (general education).

For more information or to suggest an idea for a future action project, contact Dr. Susan Perry, Assistant Provost, Office of Accreditation, Assessment and Learning at 330-672-3931 or

            Completed and Active Action Projects Table