In Fall 2000, Kent State University was accepted into the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP), one of several available pathways leading to continuing accreditation of the university. Participation in AQIP requires member universities to participate in or develop the following:

  1. Strategy Forums - workshops that provide a supportive, peer review process that allows the university to select meaningful Action Projects that will enhance institutional quality;

  2. Action Projects - initiatives that improve quality by directly impacting the university's ability to help students learn (3-4 must take place simultaneously);

  3. Action Project Progress Reports - progress reports are submitted to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) annually to report progress based on goals and measures, challenges encountered, and any notable accomplishments.

  4. Systems Portfolio - an institutional self-study highlighting the university's efforts to accomplish the mission of the university, using the nine AQIP categories;

  5. Systems Appraisal - produced by a team of external reviewers, the Systems Appraisal is a feedback report that identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement within the Systems Portfolio; and

  6. Quality Check-Up (Site Visit) - a site visit by trained evaluators seeking to confirm the accuracy of the Systems Portfolio, evaluate the strategies identified to address each Action Project, ensure a commitment to continuous quality improvement, and affirm that the institution complies with accreditation expectations set forth by the HLC.

Higher Learning Commission Accrediting Site Visits

2014 Site Visit

The most recent site visit occurred April 1 - 4, 2014. The team of reviewers, listed below, visited the East Liverpool, Kent, Stark, and Trumbull campuses.

Dr. Patricia McGee, Associate Professor, The University of Texas at San Antonio    

Dr. Christina L. Frazier, Professor, Southeast Missouri State University  

Ms. Renae Lillegard Fry, Dean of Business, Technology and Career Programs, North Hennepin Community College  

2013 Systems Portfolio

2014 Systems Appraisal

2014 Multi-Location Visit Report

2014 Quality Checkup Report

Reaffirmation Letter (2015)

2007 Site Visit

A previous site visit occurred April 11 - 13, 2007. Visiting team members included:

Dr. Glen W. Davidson, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Medical Humanities, Southern Illinois University Carbondale      

Dr. Dwight L. Smith, III, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Miami Dade College    

KSU Quality Checkup Visit Report - April, 2007

2010 Systems Appraisal

2009 Systems Portfolio

Reaffirmation Letter (2008)


Visit the Higher Learning Commission Website for more information related to regional accreditation and the AQIP process.