Academic Training Form

Academic Training for J-1 Students


Overview and Eligibility

J-1 students are eligible for Academic Training (AT), a work authorization which will allow the student to work off campus.

Below are the steps that J-1 students need to follow in order to be approved for an internship:

  1. The student should meet with their academic advisor to make sure that their internship is directly related to their field of study. The proposed work experience needs to be an academically based internship according to the program of study indicated on the DS-2019.  
  2. If approved by the academic department, the academic advisor should then prepare a letter detailing:
    • The goals and objectives of the internship

    • Description of the internship, including its location, the name and address of the internship supervisor, number of hours per week, and dates of the internship (start date and end date; must not last longer than the student’s studies at KSU; example: if the student is here for 4 months, then the student’s internship should be less than 4 months).

    • How the internship relates to the student’s major field of study

    • Why it is an integral or critical part of the academic program of the exchange visitor student

  3. The student will need to complete this application.
  4. If the student’s proposed training necessitates a program extension, the student should bring a new financial document. This must be done prior to the end date on the DS-2019.
  5. The student should make an appointment with an international student advisor. The student will then bring the letter from their academic advisor and the offer letter from the employer to the Office of Global Education, along with this application, to that appointment.
  6. If the student has all of the documentation required and has maintained a valid immigration status, the international student advisor will approve the academic training experience and add the work authorization to the student’s SEVIS record. The student will be given an updated DS-2019.


Academic Training Guide (PDF)