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Direct deposit enrollment

  • Employees (for expense reimbursements, etc. not for payroll)
  • Students (for awards, etc. not for student refunds)

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a vendor-supplied billing document that details a purchase. Characteristics of acceptable invoices:

  • Billed to Kent State University
  • Invoice number (preferred)
  • Invoice date
  • Itemization of items/services purchased (what are we paying for and what is the per item cost)
  • Invoice total (must match total on payment request; we do not short- or overpay invoices)
  • Remittance information (vendor's name and remittance address)

what are the methods by which we pay invoices?

The Payment Method Matrix describes how to submit a PO invoice for payment, as well as when a payment should be made by P-Card or submitted on a Payment Request Form or on a Wire Request Form.

What documentation do I need when making a payment?

The Specific Payment Types Matrix lists specific payment categories, the documentation and/or special approvals needed for them, as well as any related university policies.

Where do I sent my payment request?

Submit fully documented and signed payment requests to Instructions for proper submission can be found under the following questions in the Payment Procedure FAQs:

  • How do I send my payment request and/or invoice to Accounts Payable?
  • How do I approve a payment or wire request form?
  • How do I approve a PO invoice?

How long will it take for accounts payable to process my payment?

The paragraph below describes Accounts Payable processing during normal operations. For information about current processing, while the university is primarily working from home due to the coronavirus crisis, see our Temporary Payment Procedures page.

Accounts Payable strives to process payments within ten working days of receiving correct and complete payment requests/invoices, for existing vendors. However, payment processing times are affected by higher volume time periods (e.g., ends of semesters and fiscal year end) as well as delays in onboarding new vendors. Departments are responsible for planning ahead, ensuring that their vendors have completed the PaymentWorks onboarding process, and submitting payment requests/invoices in a manner that allows for sufficient processing time. 

Rush/TPR processing requests should be made sparingly, only when a payment is urgent. Such requests are reviewed individually and will not be honored if it is determined that they are not urgent and/or if a department repeatedly requests Rush/TPR processing due to poor planning.

This chart illustrates the four day process involved when a payment request/invoice is keyed in Accounts Payable.

How can I tell whether or not my payment has been issued?

As soon as a payment has been keyed in Banner, it will appear on screen FAIVNDH as well as FGITRND. If you cannot access these screens, ask your local Banner security administrator to submit a request for you to have BAN_FIN_DEPT_USERS/C access. The following work guides will help you to navigate these screens:

Where can I find a list of commodity codes?

Procurement manages the commodity code list and provides a list of the codes on its website.