Payments - WIP

The following table lists 

What are you trying to pay? Form or Process Instructions

P.O. Invoice (all purchases of goods ≥ $2500 and services ≥ $50,000 require purchase orders)


  1. Confirm that good has been received or service has been rendered.
  2. Write "OK to pay" on the invoice and sign your full first and last name (not initials.)
  3. Write P.O. number on the invoice if it is not printed on it.
  4. Send invoice to Accounts Payable.

Non-P.O. Invoice < $2500 that is not for:

- an independent contractor

- a vendor that charges a fee for credit card payments

- a cell phone, cellular service, gift card, or any purchases prohibited by university policy ( 7-02.16.) – Administrative Policy Regarding Use of Purchasing Card

- a purchase that requires advance approval by an executive officer

- a food purchase that was allowed due to a university contract stipulation being waived

Purchasing Card
  1. Contact vendor directly to initiate payment, whether in person, via phone, online, etc.
  2. Retain payment documentation in home department.