Graduate Guest Application

To complete the application process a graduate applicant MUST review this list in order to gather necessary application materials prior to applying. In addition to saving time and paper, students who apply online will also be able to check their application status by using the log in and personal identification number (PIN) established when starting the online application.

General Information

  1. A guest student is typically one who wants to take a limited number of courses at Kent State and who has no current interest in pursuing a degree.
  2. To be admitted in this category, a student must have earned a baccalaureate degree. Guest students typically take courses for job enhancement or personal enrichment.
  3. Guest students may remain in this status until a maximum of 6 semester hours of Kent State University credit have been attempted. Students cannot earn a degree in this admission status.
  4. Guest students who wish to pursue a degree program or continue after 6 semester hours have been attempted must apply for regular admission. Credit hours taken in this status may apply to a degree program with the approval of the dean.
  5. Guest students must meet all prerequisites for courses (or obtain permission of the instructor).
  6. Guest students are not eligible for financial aid.

Anyone who has been denied admission to graduate studies, or is under dismissal from the university, is not eligible for guest student status.

Application Fee

There is a $15 nonrefundable application fee. You will be prompted to submit payment via the online application.


  • Fill out the online application and select the Guest option.
  • You will be prompted to select the academic unit (College of The Arts,College of Communication and Information, etc.) of your intended coursework. Your intended major will be "guest admission - non-degree." Further information can be found in the Graduate Programs Listing.