Graduate Alumnus

To complete the application process a graduate applicant MUST review this list in order to gather necessary application materials prior to applying. In addition to saving time and paper, students who apply online will also be able to check their application status by using the log in and personal identification number (PIN) established when starting the online application.

General Information

  • This classification is for students who have already earned a graduate degree at Kent State University.
  • This admission allows the student to re-enroll for up to six years.

Application Fee

There is a $15 nonrefundable application fee. You will be prompted to submit payment via the online application.


  • Fill out the online application and select the Reapplication/Alumnus option.
  • You will be prompted to select the academic unit, (College of The Arts, College of Communication & Information, etc.), of your intended course work. Information can be found in the Graduate Programs Listing.


Transcripts are not required.