International Undergraduate Post-Undergraduate Application

Post-undergraduate applicants have received a baccalaureate degree from a college or university, yet wish to take additional undergraduate courses. There are two types of post-undergraduate applicants:

  • Post-undergraduate degree-seeking applicants – individuals interested in seeking an additional bachelor’s degree.
  • Post-undergraduate non–degree-seeking applicants – individuals just interested in taking additional undergraduate coursework.

To complete the application process an international undergraduate applicant must review this list in order to gather necessary application materials prior to applying. Students are able to check their application status by using the log in ID and personal identification number (PIN) established when starting the online application.

General Instructions

  • The application is divided into multiple sections to allow you the option of completing the application in one session or in multiple sessions. Click the "Finish Later" button to save portions of the application you have already completed.
  • To return to complete the application at a later time, just enter your Login and PIN.
  • To check your application status, click the "Check the Status of an Existing Application" button found on this page. Remember you will need your original Login and PIN to securely check your status.


  • Application Fee
    Submit your $70 nonrefundable application fee online.
  • Transcripts
    Post-undergraduate applicants will need to submit official transcripts from each college or university attended. If you attended a U.S. institution, we must have official transcripts from the institution, either electronically, via U.S. mail or brought by the applicant (in a sealed envelope). We cannot accept copies.
  • English Proficiency Examination
    All applicants whose education has been primarily outside the United States must have objective evidence of proficiency in the English language. Some applicants may be eligible for an English proficiency waiver.
  • Financial Documents
    International students must submit proof of finances in order for the university to issue a certificate of eligibility (I-20). Proof of finances are not required prior to admission but highly encouraged. Visit the Office of Global Education website for more information on accepted financial documents and steps for requesting an I20.

    International applicants must complete the Financial Information Worksheet for International Students. The worksheet must be accompanied by a current bank statement from the sponsor's financial institution. Send the Financial Information Worksheet form. Please note that financial documents are only required after acceptance for immigration document issuance.
  • Additional Requirements
    Be aware of any special admission requirements for your major.
  • Submission of All Required Documents to OGE
    For faster processing, documents should be scanned as one multi-page PDF (the size of the PDF file should be within 5MB) and sent to the International Admissions Office through

    If you attended a US institution, we must have official transcripts for admissions purposes. We cannot accept copies.

    Mailing the application documents is also acceptable for international applicants to the address provided:

    Office of Global Education
    Kent State University
    106 Van Campen Hall
    625 Loop Rd
    Kent OH 44242 USA

Please check the International Undergraduate Transfer & Post Undergraduate Application Guide for additional information.