Undergraduate Guest Application

Please review the admission requirements list. Students may check their application status online by using the log in ID and personal identification number (PIN) established when starting the online application.

General Instructions

  • The application is divided into multiple sections to allow you the option of completing the application in one session or in multiple sessions. Click the "Finish Later" button to save portions of the application you have already completed.
  • To return to complete the application at a later time, just enter your Login and PIN.
  • To check your application status, click the "Check the Status of an Existing Application" button found on this page. Remember you will need your original Login and PIN to securely check your status.


Guest students are limited to 18 semester hours of coursework and are NOT eligible for student financial aid through Kent State. If you are currently enrolled at another institution and wish to take courses at Kent State, you must check with your school regarding financial aid and transferable credits. International students applying as undergraduate guest student should review the requirements prior to submitting the guest application.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must have already graduated from high school.
  • Applicants can not be admitted as guest students if they have been dismissed from Kent State.