Headshot of Hansa Jha

Hansa Jha

International Admissions Advisor

About Me

I work at Kent State University as an international admissions advisor and I truly feel that at Kent State I get to indulge the multitasker within me. I am always eager to work with students and really enjoy helping them to gain a better understanding in the development of their educational skills.

I come with more than six years experience in various fields such as business development, economic strategy, logistics, art history and museology, and social work. This has helped me to learn about the different economic sectors and their scope in the coming years.

I am fluent in English and Hindi.


What I Love About Kent State

Kent State University is not just about world class education but also has a very encouraging approach toward research and development and I personally felt that this is a very attractive attribute for the institution.

The campus is located in the very picturesque and beautiful state of Ohio, and has always provided a very warm, welcoming and safe environment for students, especially international students.

Fun Facts

• I enjoy all sorts of English and Hindi literature, with a soft spot for classic poetry.

• I consider myself a fitness freak who loves all sorts of exercise. Presently, to stay fit and to fulfill a lifelong wish, I am being trained in Russian classical ballet by a nationally recognized ballerina.

• I have also pursued Hindustani classical music, studying as a child for more than eight years.