Frequently Asked Questions

Application Fee

Is the application fee refundable?

No, application fees are non-refundable.

Are there application fee waivers?

No, the Division of Graduate Studies does not grant fee waivers. Your application will not be processed or reviewed without the receipt of the appropriate application fee for your application type.

Can I pay the application fee with a check instead of a credit card?

Yes, you may pay the application fee with an electronic check. When prompted to choose a payment method, select 'Pay Online with Electronic Check (U.S. banks only)'. Please note that your completed application will be held for 6 days while the check clears. The application will not be processed for an admission decision until the check clears.

Refer to Frequently Asked Questions for Payment Issues for further information.  

How much does it cost to apply?

The following application fees are charged for every application you submit except for sanctioned dual degree programs.  When you apply, you will be prompted to pay the correct amount for your application type.

Domestic Charges
Degree Type Fee
Master's, EdS, PhD $45
Non-degree (incl. certificates) $15
Grad Alum non-degree $15
Transient $15
Guest $15
Online programs Varies
International Charges
Degree Type Fee
All degree types $70

Application Policies & Procedures

I need to re-enroll and was directed to contact your office. Can you explain the re-enrollment process?

If you are returning from an approved leave of absence from the University and wish to return to your former program of study, complete the Application for Graduate Re-enrollment form found under Leave of Absence and Re-enrollment in the Forms Library. Please obtain all required signatures before submitting the form to the Graduate Studies office.

For additional information on the University’s enrollment policy, visit our FAQ for Enrollment Policy.

How do I apply as a transfer student?

Transfer students are subject to the same requirements as degree-seeking applicants in that you must complete an application and submit all required documents. Questions concerning the transfer of credits should be directed to your academic department’s graduate coordinator.

I was admitted into my program; however, I didn’t attend as planned. May I start this semester instead?

If you have been admitted into a program of study, you have one year in which to matriculate. If you’d like to request a term (semester start) change, an email must be sent to

Term change requests must be sent via email as they will not be processed over the phone.

I need help logging back into my application. Can you tell me my login credentials?

I need help logging back into my application. Can you tell me my login credentials?

The Graduate Application is provided by our application partner, CollegeNET. For security purposes Graduate Admission is not able to recover your login credentials. Return to the application portal to login to your account. Your username is the email address you used to establish your initial CollegeNET account. To recover your password select 'Forgot your password?'

For more information refer to Frequently Asked Questions for Login Issues or email

How do I apply for admission into a graduate program?

An application for graduate study is completed by applying online. Once an application has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. In addition to the email confirmation, you can check your status at anytime through the application portal.

When all required application materials have been received, a Graduate Evaluation (GVAL) will be completed by Graduate Studies and your file will be sent to the appropriate academic department for review.

Application Status

How will I receive my decision letter?

Decision letters will be posted in your application portal. When a decision has been made you will receive an email notification that your decision letter is available in your portal. Click on ‘View Decision Letter’ to view your admission decision. KSU student credentials (e.g., email, student identification number) will be emailed to admitted students a couple of days after the admission decision has been made.

How long does it take for the college to review my application and make a decision?

Each college has different processes and timelines for reviewing applications. Once your application has been sent to the appropriate academic unit for review, you will be notified with a final decision.

My application is incomplete, but I have submitted all required materials.

Please monitor the status of your application via your application portal and note any requirements that say ‘Needed’.  If you have submitted all documents (e.g., goal statement, resume, portfolio) and your status remains incomplete please note the status of your letters of recommendation and your transcripts.  You can change recommenders or send email reminders from your application portal.  Please also note the status of your transcripts.  When reviewing transcripts our office may identify transfer credits that were not disclosed at the time of application.  You will receive an email notification if additional transcripts are required or additional information is needed.

How do I check the status of my application?
What does each status mean?

Application submitted (Incomplete): You have outstanding materials and/or have not paid the application fee. Please visit the login to check the status of your application and see what outstanding materials you still have to submit.

Department Review: For domestic applicants, it means your application is complete and has been sent to the appropriate academic department for review. For international applicants, it means that all of your materials have been received and the Office of Global Educations is completing the International Documents Review process before your materials are sent to the appropriate academic department for review.

Decision Made: A decision has been made. Decisions for all degree-seeking domestic applicants are sent via USPS to the applicant’s permanent address. All international degree-seeking applicants and domestic professional, guest, non-degree, transient, graduate re-application, and educational specialist decisions are sent via email.

Changing Application Information after Submission

How do I change my intended program of study?

If you have not been admitted yet, send a change of program request to If you have already been admitted to a program, you should contact the graduate coordinator of the proposed program to determine whether you should submit a Change in Program of Study form or complete a new application. If a Change in Program of Study form should be submitted, it can be found under Degree Changes in the Forms Library.

How do I make changes to my application after it has been submitted?

Once your application has been submitted you cannot make any changes to the data. If you need to change your email address please return to your application portal and follow the instructions for changing your email. If you would like to change your area of concentration, delivery mode of your program (i.e., online, on-ground), address, or phone number, you can send a request via email to

Standardized Tests

How long are my GRE scores valid?

GRE scores are valid for five years.

Can I substitute any other test for the GRE?

The GRE is mandatory for all programs in which it’s required. However, some programs accept more than one type of test score for admission. If your program accepts more than one type of test score, it will be stated in the graduate catalog.

Can GRE scores be waived? If so, what is the procedure?

In rare circumstances, GRE scores may be waived and only if it’s stated in the graduate catalog. If you believe you qualify, contact your program’s department regarding the waiver requirements. If approved, your department will send the waiver request to our office.

We do not accept waiver requests directly from applicants, they must come from the department.

What is the minimum GRE score needed to apply?

There is not a minimum GRE scored needed to apply; however, please check with the department of your intended program of study to see if they have a minimum GRE score required for admission as these requirements vary by program.

What is Kent State University’s ETS code for the GMAT?

The GMAT code is N4Q.

What is Kent State University’s ETS code for the GRE?

The GRE code is 1367. If you are requesting your scores be sent to specific schools, please use 1367 for Kent State University.

Application Materials

What is the Questions in Anticipation of Licensure form and where can I find it?

If applicable, the Questions in Anticipation of Licensure form will be listed on your application checklist as the Verification of Moral Character form. You should submit the form with only a signature; do not answer the questions at this time. You will answer the questions when you apply for licensure. Graduate admissions only needs a signature acknowledging that you’ve reviewed the form at this time. The form can be found in the Forms Library listed under Graduate Application Forms.

What is the difference between a Statement of Goals and a PRSE?

These are two separate and very different documents.

A Goal Statement is both a description and justification of your program of interest. A goal statement must be submitted for all degree-seeking applicants. View suggestions on how to write an effective goal statement.

The PRSE (Personal Explanation Statement) is required by any applicant who answered ‘Yes’ to the application questions related to past or pending criminal offenses/charges, or a non-academic college or university dismissal. This applicant must submit a written statement explaining the personal history of the event(s).

Can I submit my application and supporting materials at different times?

Yes, you may submit part or all of your application and supporting materials at any time. However, you are responsible for ensuring that all necessary documents are submitted prior to your program’s application deadline. The department will not review your application until all required materials are received and processed by graduate admissions.

What is the deadline for submitting my application and other materials?

Application deadlines vary by program. The Graduate Programs GPS includes the links to all academic program websites, where you can find specific information about application deadlines.

Can I use the same documents on my new application that I used on a previous application?

Most departments require letters of recommendation and goal statements that reflect an interest in the department to which you are currently applying. In rare cases, the department may accept past documents, but you would need their approval first.

How should I submit my application materials?

Upload all application materials (e.g., goal statement, transcripts, resume) through your online application portal. Official transcripts may be sent directly from the originating institution by emailing them to or via USPS to:

Kent State University Graduate Admissions
Cartwright Hall
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, OH 44242

Letters of Recommendation

My recommender hasn’t submitted his/her recommendation. What should I do?

Reach out to your recommender to follow-up on the request. If you are unsuccessful in your attempt, or are concerned that s/he will not submit a letter on your behalf or before your program’s deadline, it may be in your best interest to ask someone else to submit a letter for you.

May I submit more than the required number of recommendations?

Yes, we will accept and attach up to five (5) letters.

Do recommendation forms have to be submitted with all letters of reference?

It is preferred, but we accept letters without the forms. It is important that your letter writers include your full name and Student ID number on the letters they submit.

How do recommenders submit a letter of recommendation?

Letter writers may submit recommendation forms and/or letters through one of these methods:

Graduate Studies
Cartwright Hall
Kent State University
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, OH 44242


How can I see if a recommendation was submitted on my behalf?

By checking the status of your application at any time by visiting the application portal.

How many letters of recommendation are required?

Most programs require three letters, although some programs require two. Your application checklist will reflect the number of recommendations required for the program in which you are applying. The letters should be completed by person(s) who are familiar with your educational goals and professional and/or academic ability.


Will you accept an electronic transcript from my college or university?

Yes, Graduate Studies will accept electronic transcripts if they are sent directly from your college or university to or via USPS to:

Graduate Studies
Cartwright Hall
Kent State University
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, OH 44242

If I attended Kent State University previously, do I have to send you my KSU transcripts?

No, graduate admissions will obtain copies of your Kent State University transcripts.

If I applied last year, do I have to send my transcripts again?

No, not unless you’ve attended another institution since your transcripts were last submitted.

Do I have to request transcripts from my previous institution(s)?

You will need to provide official transcripts from all institutions where you have completed eight or more semester hours, with the exception of Kent State University transcripts.

If you have already had transcripts sent to Kent State after 2008 for a previous application, please contact our office at or 330-627-2661. If we still have them on file and there have been no changes since they were last submitted, they will be applicable.

Please make certain you include all alias and maiden names on your application.

International Admissions

I am an international applicant, who should I contact with questions?

You can contact international admissions in the Office of Global Education at 330-672-7980 or International applications are received and processed by KSU’s Office of Global Education.

For additional information on the international student application process, visit international admissions Frequently Asked Questions.

How are materials for an international application submitted?

You may submit your application materials by emailing them to or mailed to:

Kent State University Office of Global Education
625 Loop Rd.
106 Van Campen Hall
Kent, OH 44242

Am I considered an international student?

If you are not a permanent resident or citizen of the United States, you are classified as an international student.


If I plan to live in Ohio before enrolling, can I pay in-state tuition?

Residency for purposes of in-state vs. out-of-state tuition is determined at the time of your application. If you will not be enrolling right away and want to learn more about changing your residency status, please refer to the Registrar’s Office Ohio Residency Status.

Who should I contact if I have trouble with registration?

Contact the department to which you have been admitted.

I can’t register for a class because there’s a prerequisite, what are the next steps?

Contact the department to which you have been admitted.

I’ve been admitted, when should I register?

Your admission letter will explain how you can log into FlashLine (your portal for registration). Degree, certificate and other credentialed students should not register until they have confirmed course requirements with their academic program’s coordinator or graduate faculty advisor.

Registration for future terms is accessible as scheduled by the Registrar’s Office in My Time to Register.

Campus Tours & Advising

I want to make an appointment to speak with an advisor. Who should I contact?

Contact the department to which you are applying or have been admitted.