The Division of Graduate Studies is responsible for monitoring receipt of official, degree conferral transcripts for admitted students.

Kent State University requires applicants to submit either an official transcript or copy of an official transcript from each college or university in which the applicant completed eight or more credit hours (undergraduate and graduate coursework as well as any coursework done while in high school). Failure to identify every institution where eight or more credit hours were attempted, may be grounds for dismissal.

Official Transcript Policy

  1. Copies of OFFICIAL transcripts may be uploaded at the time of application.
  2. Upload a copy of both the front and back of the transcript.
  3. Transcripts from student portals will not be accepted.
  4. If your transcript covers more than one degree, upload the transcripts to each degree.
  5. Kent State University students do not need to submit transcripts for work completed at Kent State University, However, applicants must still submit transcripts for all post-secondary work completed elsewhere that is not already transcribed on your KSU transcript.
  6. Applicants offered admission to Kent State University will be required to submit ALL official transcripts issued directly from each college of university attended where eight or more semester credit hours were attempted. For international credentials, the eight credit hour requirement is based upon the U.S. equivalent of eight credit hours.
  7. If ALL official transcripts are not received by the second week of the student’s first semester of attendance a registration hold will be placed on the student’s record. The student will not be able to adjust his or her course schedule or register for additional semesters until all transcripts are received.
  8. Transcripts from each institution that awarded a degree must show that a degree has been obtained.
  9. Any significant discrepancies found between student-provided copies of unofficial transcripts and official transcripts will be grounds for dismissal.

International Credentials

For students with international credentials, please submit a complete academic record for each institution attended. A complete record includes transcripts, detailed mark sheets, degree certificates, graduation certificates and diplomas awarded. Transcripts and mark sheets must include all attempted courses, even courses failed. These documents must be submitted in the original language along with a certified English translation. Copies of official documents may be submitted for international credentials for admission review.

Below are some examples of transcripts that are acceptable and not acceptable at the time of application.

Not Acceptable:

Acceptable at Time of Application:

  • An official transcript is issued from the originating institution and sent directly to Kent State University. Kent State will only accept transcripts that arrive in a sealed envelope bearing institutional validation (university seal, watermark, registrar signature). If you submit a copy of an official transcript, we will still need a formal transcript sent directly from your institution(s) if/when you are admitted.
  • Official electronic transcripts are acceptable if sent directly from your college or university.
  • Send official transcripts from ANY institution where you have attempted eight or more credit hours. 
  • PDF icon Work in Progress Transcript.pdf
    Kent State University accepts applications and offers admission to students who have not yet completed the appropriate bachelor's or master's degree in anticipation that the degree will be conferred prior to the start of their graduate study. We want to remind you that students offered admission to Kent State University are required to provide official transcripts noting that the degree has been awarded. The offer of admission is considered "provisional" until all official transcripts are received by Kent State University. If official transcripts indicating degree conferral are not received by the Division of Graduate Studies by the second week of the first semester of attendance, a registration hold will be placed on your record. You will not be able to register or adjust your course schedule until ALL official transcripts have been received.

Mailing address for transcripts: 

Graduate Admissions
650 Hilltop Drive
Kent, Ohio 44242

Email address for electronic transcripts:

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Graduate Admissions at or 330-672-2661.