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Undergraduate Admissions

At Kent State University, we embrace you for all that makes you special. Then we push you to become so much more. We push you to: Keep an open mind. Appreciate the challenges before you. Venture out of your comfort zone. Find your voice and the strength to use it with purpose. Become a better version of the you that you are today and to create a future that you never imagined possible. Kent State is so much more than a college education. It's a learning experience for life!
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New Freshmen

A new freshman is someone who has not attended any college, university, technical or proprietary school after graduation from high school. Students who have taken college coursework while in high school should also apply here as a freshman.

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Transfer, Transitioning & Former Students

A transfer student is someone who was enrolled at another college, university, technical or proprietary school after high school. A transitioning student is someone who is coming from a Kent State Regional Campus. Former students have attended Kent State in prior semesters.

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Post-undergraduate Students

A post-undergraduate is a student who has already earned a bachelor's degree and who wants to take additional undergraduate coursework at Kent State.

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Guest Students

A guest student takes a limited number of undergraduate courses for credit, but is not pursuing a degree.

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