Army (ROTC)

Kent State University’s Army ROTC has served the university and the nation since 1947 by preparing students for service as professional officers in the United States Army. The Military Science program at Kent State offers a four-year course of study that adds practical management training and leadership experiences to students’ chosen academic degrees.

Benefits of the Program

Students whose career goals require leadership or managerial skills, those with interests in national defense structure and those who wish to explore the benefits of the United States Army are encouraged to enroll in the introductory lower-division Military Science courses. These courses can be applied as elective credit toward graduation. Participation in these classes is voluntary and requires no military obligation. Army ROTC is the one program at Kent State that provides leadership training. In Army ROTC, students quickly gain the confidence and self-discipline necessary to succeed in college. As they progress, students acquire skill and experience in taking charge of activities, setting goals, managing people and resources and making decisions in demanding circumstances. When they complete the Army ROTC program and graduate from Kent State, students will have gained both the leadership and academic credentials necessary to take on the responsibilities as U.S. Army officers and/or step into corporate America. 

Program Description

The Military Science curriculum is unified by the study of leadership and management. These areas give cadets a base of fundamental knowledge, skills and professional education necessary to perform in a variety of roles. Successful completion of the Military Science program, advanced summer practicum and all degree requirements qualify students to receive commissions as second lieutenants in the United States Army, Army Reserve or National Guard. The two segments of the program are outlined below.

Basic Officer Courses

(Freshmen and Sophomores)

The basic officer courses emphasize subjects of value to students regardless of their career aspirations. These courses, offered to all undergraduates, count as electives toward their degrees. Students enrolled in these lower-division courses are introduced to the role of military in society, the fundamentals and dynamics of leadership and management and the practical application of these fundamentals. There is no military obligation for attending the basic courses.

Advanced Officer Courses

(Juniors and Seniors)

The advanced officer courses enhance the preparation of the professional officer. The advanced courses are open to both under graduates and graduates who have completed the requirements of the basic officer courses. These upper-division courses involve the leadership, management techniques, theory and dynamics of military principles, ethics, military law and a summer leadership practicum. Exceptional students may be selected to attend other special training programs, such as the Army’s Airborne and Air Assault schools, or participate in a supervised summer internship with an Army unit.




Available Courses

Basic Courses 

(Freshman and Sophomore Years)
MSCI 10180 Intro to Leadership I
MSCI 10191 Leadership Seminar I (LAB) MSCI 20181 Leadership Assessment I
MSCI 20191 Leadership Seminar II (LAB)


(Junior and Senior Years)
MSCI 30160 Leadership Development
MSCI 30191 Leadership Lab III
MSCI 40160 Military Management and Ethics
MSCI 40191 Leadership Lab IV


Students who demonstrate academic and leadership potential may apply for academic scholarships through the Military Science program. Two-, three- and four-year tuition scholarships are available. Scholarships cover 100 percent of tuition. In addition, the scholarship pays a book allowance of $1,200 per year and a $300-$500 per month tax-free grant during the school year. Scholarships are awarded based on merit, not financial need.

Institutional Incentives

Kent State provides the ROTC department with room scholarships and financial awards to distribute as incentives to qualified students in the program. These awards are also based on merit and potential, not financial need.

Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

Members of the Army National Guard and Army Reserves are eligible to participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). SMP students serve as officer trainees in active Army National Guard and Army Reserve units while they attend their academic and Military Science classes. In addition to being eligible for reserve component financial incentive programs (GI Bill, 100 percent tuition, student loan repayment), SMP students are also paid for the rank of E-5 for weekend drills, receive the ROTC $300-$500 monthly grant and earn two years of service credit for pay purposes.

Ranger Challenger Team

The ROTC Ranger unit is a voluntary, training-oriented team emphasizing leadership experience, group dynamics and advanced military skills. The students who qualify will compete in regional competitions at Fort Knox, Ky., against other universities. 

The Leaders Training Course

The Army’s Leaders Training Course (LTC) offers students the opportunity to begin ROTC as junior Advanced Course Cadets by attending this course at Fort Knox, Ky. The LTC is an adrenaline-packed 28 days of skills and adventure training especially designed for students who have not participated in the first two years of the program. Successful completion of this course will qualify you to enter the Advanced Courses in ROTC.

The Golden Eagle Battalion — A Proud Heritage

Kent State University’s Army ROTC continues to serve the university and the nation. Since 1947, we have commissioned more than 1,200 young men and women to serve as Army officers on active duty in the Army Reserves and in the Army National Guard.